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Trek to the Piz Cotschen-Rötelspitze

Stelvio (Stilfs)
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Informationen zur Tour Trek to the Piz Cotschen-Rötelspitze

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    1:45 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    230 m
  • Altitude
    230 m
  • Max. height
    2990 m
This hike takes you first to the Dreisprachenspitze Peak (which defines the border between "three languages": Lombardo, German, and Romansch), continues on a broad, almost level ridge, and eventually reaches the mountain summit.


From the Stelvio Pass (2,757 m, parking, hotels, shops) a broad path takes you to the Rifugio Garibaldi, on the Dreisprachenspitze Peak (2,838 m, 20 minutes). Following the directions to the «Sella Piz Cotschen», continue on a broad, almost level ridge; turn left at the intersection on a marked route, which leads to the Sella Piz Cotschen (2,925 m). Turn left again, walking up the rocky path, taking care to avoid the crevice, to reach the summit (3,026 m; 1.5 hours). Return is via the same route. Alternative route: having returned to the «Sella Piz Cotschen», we walk down the next ridge towards the small Lake Goldsee; we take the high route to the west and return to the Rifugio Garibaldi and then the pass (1.5 hours).

Starting point

Stelvio Pass

Target point

Stelvio Pass


Parking is available at the Stelvio Pass - Stilfser Joch

Public transportation

Take the train to Sluderno and then the bus to Trafoi or the Stelvio Pass.


Cross the Val Venosta to reach Prato - Prad and continue towards Trafoi and the Stelvio Pass.

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