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Trek to the Gigot - Tschigat

Lagundo (Algund)
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Informationen zur Tour Trek to the Gigot - Tschigat

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    9:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1440 m
  • Altitude
    1440 m
  • Max. height
    2928 m
The closest «three thousand» to Merano


From Merano we will go to Lagundo – Algund and Plars di Mezzo-Mittelplars (464 m), then toVelloi – Vellau (906 m) by ski lift or car, and from there to the Leiteralm mountain hut by cable car (1,522 m). Route 24 takes us to the Rifugio del Valico-Hochgang (1,839 m, 1.5 hours to the mountain hut). Route 7 is a steep strenous ascent on rocky terrain (with exposed sections equipped with fixed ropes) leading to the Hochgang Pass (2,455 m; 1.5 hours from the refuge). At the intersection we will keep to the left on route 7, across the small lakes of Milchseen (2,540 m), turning left following the coloured marks to the main lake then up a steep ascent among boulders and rocks (2,800 m approx). We will go up through the passageway and then climb up via grade 1 and 2 sections, reaching the col and eventually the summit along the east ridge. If the upper section of the crack is inaccessible (due to snow or ice) we will turn left to the south ridge, following the stone figures and climbing up to the cross (3,000 m, 3.5 hours from the refuge). Return via the same route. An alternative route is to follow the coloured marks, ascending briefly eastwards, then turning left and crossing the steep north slope to reach the summit of a dihedral angle. From there we will descend for 20 metres using fixed ropes; then an easy ascent of 30 metres to the col will lead to an exposed path on the west side. This leads to the north-west granite ridge, which goes all the way to the Halsljoch Pass (2,808 m, 45 minutes from the summit). Continuing eastwards (towards «Biwakschachtel ») we will follow a path then across boulders and scree (or snow) to the Milchseescharte Col (2,707 m, Bivouac; one hour from the pass). We will go down using ropes, and continue on a zigzag trail all the way to the small lakes, returning via the same route to the cable car (3 hours at least from the bivouac).

Starting point

Vellói - Vellau above Lagundo - Algund

Target point

Vellói - Vellau above Lagundo - Algund


No major difficulty for hikers with good rock-climbing skills; some grade 1 and 2 sections. The easier north way is better suited for the descent provided that the dihedral is not icy.


Parking is available at the terminal (down the valley) of the Plars (di mezzo) - Mittelplars cable car, or at the terminal of the Vellói - Vellau cable car

Public transportation

Public services (line 235) from the station in Merano to Vellói - Vellau.


From Merano continue towards Lagundo -Algund and Plars di Mezzo - Mittelplars, then by car to a Vellói - Vellau.

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