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The Stigolo Mountain

Alto Garda
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Informationen zur Tour The Stigolo Mountain

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    940 m
  • Altitude
    940 m
  • Max. height
    1672 m
Lake Ledro and the Tremalzo pass are popular destinations for hikers and bikers. You can even swim in the beautiful lake which can be very rewarding after the exhausting trail over the famous war-road in the mountains of the Lake Garda. Most peaks of the Val di Ledro are not climbed very frequently, except for those near its estuary to the Lake Garda. This is also true for the mountain located in the “back”, one figurative leg in the near Valle Giudicarie, the Monte Stigolo (1699 m). Not a famous peak but a very rewarding destination with an interesting crest-crossing and a steep finale. On the two peaks you are rewarded for the exhausting ascension with an interesting view. You can see the pompous Carè Alto and the Lago d’Idro. A lot of greenery to the south and the east with various rocks in between: the mountains of the “Parco Alto Garda Bresciano”, one being the Monte Tremalzo (1973 m) with its antenna-like peak and the Monte Caplone (1976 m), the highest peak south of the Ledro valley.


The tour for the peak starts on asphalt, moderately rising and leading through the forest-rich Valle Sacche. Some carefully designed signs near the road illustrate the life in this Valley and also the old tales of this place. After 30 min you cross the Rio Sacche to the left. At the end of the valley you follow the forest road over the large curve. After the curve to the right you leave the road (sign) and rise to the Passo di Rango (1304 m) over the steep path. You will find a sign for the Monte Stigolo. On a tree-rich part of the path you continue, eventually via zigzag. Below the Cima del Visi (1590 m) you reach the height of the crest (approx. 1490 m). This is the start of the interesting part to the Sella nord del Monte Stigolo. It is also the start of the final ascent, initially along the crest and eventually steeply and slippery (leaves) along the slope to the shrubby area of the peak. A narrow path lead to the right and through the thick forest, over some small steps to the hill on the north-east of the peak and then you continue to the main peak of the Monte Stigolo (1699 m) and the beautiful view onto the Lago d’Idro. At the highest point you turn south and follow the path of the ascension. You rise to the Sella nord del Monte Stigolo, where a sign shows the path for the Val d’Ampola. The well-marked path – once up, then down – leads to the eastern crest of the Stigolo. Following this path you can reach the Malga Stigolo (1271 m), where you meet a sand-path. Near the alp-house you continue via the meadows and the old access road, over hairpin-curves and through the beautiful mixed forest until you reach the Ponte del Visi (883 m). On asphalt you continue to descend into the Val d’Ampola and on the main road you go back to Tiarn di sopra.

Starting point

Tiarno di sopra (749 m)

Target point

Tiarno di sopra (749 m)


Parking areas in the village

Public transportation

Bus connection possible


On the A22 (exit Rovereto Sud – Lago di Garda Nord) to Riva, then through the Val di Ledro to Tiarno di sopra. 

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