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Sasso Alto, 2897 m – Sassara peak, 2894 m – Meledrio valley

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Informationen zur Tour Sasso Alto, 2897 m – Sassara peak, 2894 m – Meledrio valley

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1180 m
  • Altitude
    1180 m
  • Max. height
    2849 m
Two majestic elevations in the northern Brenta that shine with their atmosphere of wild loneliness. These peaks will remain in the hearts of those who try to surmount them! The ascent is rather easy until you reach the wind gap, after that the hike becomes more challenging because the path is no longer perfectly intact and goes through unsecure terrain.


You walk around the golf court and go down into the woods until you reach the path that leads to the alp Malga Mondifrà (1632 m). Turn right into the path n. 334 which leads through the entire Val Gelada di Campiglio up to the Bocchetta dei Tre Sassi (2614 m). Along the path “Sentiero Costanzi” n. 336 you will cross a field of debris in the north-western direction. After climbing some rocky steps you will reach a crest (2720 m, here you can find some man-made stone pyramids) and via a ledge, supported by ropes, you will reach the pass Val Gelada (2686 m). Now you find yourself in front of a steep and exhausting glacier and at its foot you surmount the rocky path via a ladder. After having reached the southern shoulder of the Sasso Alto you reach a sharp crest to the north (with ropes) that brings you to the foot of the peak. You walk to the left (west) to go around a ledge (with more ropes) and before reaching the wind gap between Sasso Alto and Cima Sassara you follow a path to the right, entering a canal of debris. Along this now steep and tricky terrain (loose rocks) you eventually get to a short canyon via which you get to the peak of the Sasso Alto with its spectacular view of the Cima Sassara, Corni di Denno and Flavona, Cima Vagliana, Pietra Grande, Brenta centrale. The way back follows the Sentiero Costanzi path until you reach a saddle (approx. 2830 m) behind which you climb up the south-western flank of the Cima Sassara (slope of debris) to reach another shoulder. An arrow to the right indicates the path, up and to the right, steeply into the eastern side of the Cima Sassara. For the narrow but easier northern crest (indicated) and the following fields of debris you can also climb down to the nearby bivouac Bonvecchio. Then you follow the path of your ascent to get back to the starting point.

Starting point

Parking area Passo Campo Carlo Magno (Centro del Fondo, 1670 m)

Target point

Parking area Passo Campo Carlo Magno (Centro del Fondo, 1670 m)


Parking area Passo Campo Carlo Magno (Centro del Fondo, 1670 m)

Public transportation


A22 exit Trento, Sarche, Tione, Madonna di Campiglio

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