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S.A.T. peaks

Alto Garda
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Informationen zur Tour S.A.T. peaks

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    4:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1160 m
  • Altitude
    1150 m
  • Max. height
    1255 m
Great and rewarding circular tour that is very simple to walk. The climb is steep and exhausting, with great differences in altitude and impressive insights onto the village Riva and the Lake Garda. The hut Capanna Santa Barbara is found in a beautiful location, the close via ferrata Via dell’Amicizia and therefore also the Cima S.A.T., offering very beautiful views of the panorama, are famous targets for various hikes. As a varying descent you can also take the Sentiero dei Crazidèi.


Crossing the western Gardesana, you start to follow the path n. 404. Via a divine street made of marble and cobblestone that reaches over 20 hairpin curves and across cypresses, a pine forest and along some very comfortable benches, you will eventually reach the fort Fortezza del Bastione (210 m). Once there, you start to follow a stony path through the forest of cedar pines until you reach a rampart of stone and the hut Capanna Santa Barbara (560 m), a very neat, small hut in a very beautiful location. Continuing for five minutes via south, you will reach the St. Barbara church (625 m) and you will find yourself in a cauldron-like terrain. The only possibility to surmount the apparent walls is a ladder with 56 rungs and bails of iron, attached to the stones. After this part, you will descend slightly and keep yourself on the right. Via some hairpin curves you climb higher until you reach the area Vallone dei Concoli (1100 m). Again, you keep right and via the path 413 you walk along the south-eastern crest of the Rocchetta until you reach the remains of a shelter from the First World War. After the junctiom for the Cima Giochello you descend for a little while and the start to climb onto the Cima S.A.T. (1276 m) via the short but secured (bails of iron/ropes) steep path. The beautiful peak is very famous (mostly visited thanks to the via ferrata Via dell’Amicizia) and offers a perfect view onto the Lake Garda, the villages Torbole, Riva and Arco, the Monte Brione, the Corno di Pichèa, the Lago di Tenno, the Monte Misone, the Monte Stivo and the Monte Altissimo di Nago. After having climbed down from the peak, you turn right onto the Sentiero dei Crazidèi (n. 418) and you walk through a narrow and forested valley north (very beautifully untouched area). Then you descent on more than 90 hairpin curves to reach the road that connects Riva and Campi (n. 402 – 500 m). Continuing on the right you pass the fortified tower Torrione di San Giovanni and the area of Santa Maria Maddalena to reach the junction near the fortress. You keep on the right to come back onto the small road of marble and cobblestone which you then follow back down to Riva del Garda.

Starting point

Riva del Garda (86 m), western coastal road (Gardesana occidentale)

Target point

Riva del Garda (86 m), western coastal road (Gardesana occidentale)


Riva del Garda (86 m), western coastal road (Gardesana occidentale)

Public transportation


A22 exit Rovereto sud, via Nago and Torbole to Riva del Garda

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