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Piz Cunturines

Badia (Abtei)
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Informationen zur Tour Piz Cunturines

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1220 m
  • Altitude
    1220 m
  • Max. height
    2944 m
Highest peak in the valley of St Kassian


Around 3 km into St Kassian, a small road branches off eastward to the Capanna Alpina restaurant which is a convenient starting point for various tours (1726 m, car park). From here, take track 11 eastward, steeply uphill in parts, to Col Lodgia (2096 m) and then, on slightly more even ground, on to Tadegajoch (2153 m, also Ju da l’Ega; 1:30 hrs. from starting point); briefly continue on the valley path then turn left into a small marked track leading through the high-alpine Lavares or Cunturines valley to the basin of the small Cunturines lake (often waterless), turn left leaving the marked main track to join an unmarked track leading across scree slopes, some of them quite steep, up to the southernmost of two low ridges between Cunturines and Lavarela (around 2900 m), then again left on to a small, short track up to the rocky summit area, and then via a secured route (fixed ropes, ladders) you reach the peak (3064 m, 3 hrs. from Tadegajoch). – Descent: via the same route.

Starting point

Capanna Alpina (1726 m; car park)

Target point

Capanna Alpina (1726 m; car park)


Prior to your tour, you should enquire about the condition of ladders and ropes near the summit area.

Route safety equipment for inexperienced climbers!


Capanna Alpina (1726 m; car park)

Public transportation

By bus from Bruneck to Gader valley


Drive from Bruneck to St Kassian in the Gader valley. Around 3 km into St Kassian, a small road branches off eastward to the Capanna Alpina restaurant.

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Raimund Kompatscher

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