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Monte Caret

Alto Garda
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Informationen zur Tour Monte Caret

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1090 m
  • Altitude
    1090 m
  • Max. height
    1763 m
Beautiful hike through the solitary region with a climb onto three unremarkable peaks, offering very beautiful panoramas. The densely forested Valle dei Molini is very untouched and the Monte Tomeabrù opens a beautiful view onto the Lago di Ledro. From the Monte Caret you have an open view of the surrounding peaks of the Val Concèi. The Monte Cocca is another beautiful panorama mountain.


Initially, you walk through the village until you reach its end. Then you cross a rivulet to the right and follow a marked path, leading you through a dense forest of beeches and firs. A steep path and the forest road accompany your next steps. After the sign for “Senter de Savàl” you leave the road for the last time and you hike with great steepness on the right side (orographically left) of the densely forested and gloomy Valle dei Molini uphill until you reach the junction to the Monte Cocca (1350 m), where you can finally change onto the sunlit south-eastern side of the mountain. Little above the path leads through the small and grassy valley, coming from the wind-gap Bocco Savàl. Shortly after you turn left and follow the eastern flank of the mountain (no path). After 20 min in steep but easy climb you will reach the peak of the Monte Tomeabrù (1732 m). This point offers excellent views onto the Valle and the Lago di Ledro, the Val Concei, the Monte Cadria and the Cima Parì. You can continue north along the crest, accompanied by an Austrian trench from the First World War. Without any technical difficulties you can therefore reach the peak of the Monte Caret (1793 m). Here you have a view of the Malga and the Bocca Savàl, the Cima Parì, the Lake Garda and the Venetian Plain, the Monte Carone, the Monte Tremalzo, the Monte Corno, Tiarno and the Val Concei, the Monte Cadria-Gavardina, the Corni di Pichèa, the Bocca di Trat, the souther Adamello-group, the Carè Alto and the Presanella. The climb down follows no evident path (very steep) to the Malga Savàl (1692 m). There you can follow the path n. 454 in the southern direction and through the forest you can reach a saddle, where you leave the path to climb to the peak of the Monte Cocca (1404 m). Again, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama onto the Lago di Ledro, the Monte Corno, the Monte Tremalzo, the Monte Baldo, the Cima Parì, the Cima Sclapa and the Cima d’Oro. Back on the path of your initial climb you can follow it back to the starting point.

Starting point

Pieve di Ledro, parking area in the centre (658 m)

Target point

Pieve di Ledro, parking area in the centre (658 m)


Pieve di Ledro, parking area in the centre (658 m)

Public transportation


A22, exit Rovereto sud, via Nago, Torbole and Riva del Garda into the Valle di Ledro

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