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Montalon, 2501 m – Campelle valley

Bassa Valsugana
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Informationen zur Tour Montalon, 2501 m – Campelle valley

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:45 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    960 m
  • Altitude
    960 m
  • Max. height
    2438 m
A mountain that is not very well known and often untouched during the summer. The peak is surrounded by more famous peaks and lies in the shadows, isolated by its neighbours. It appears that this mountain watched over the remains of the wars that left their marks on the peak. The difficult access has no real path.


From the parking area you cross a bridge and follow the forest path until you reach a junction with the path n. 317. Along the river of the valley Sorda you will get into the wild valley of the same name and by crossing the bridge Quarelo (1660 m) you will get to the right side of the valley. After the last track through the forest you will reach the meadows of the second Sordatal Alm (1901 m).

By continuing the ascent you will reach a steep crest to the east until you reach the ground (2135 m) of the Buse Basse. After having passed the highest lake (2193 m) you will soon touch the pass of the Forcella di Val Sorda (2256 m). You walk downhill on the other side and via the path n. 322 you go left along an ex-military track (2202 m).

After you reach the slopes of the mountains, where you can already see your goal, you leave the path and follow a steep canal south that brings you to the peak. Once you arrive at the base, where the rocks and the steep slopes begin, you walk around the toughest pieces and exhaustingly you will eventually reach the peak of the Montalon (wooden pole, trenches, galleries and steps).

In this very unique context of complete solitude you can enjoy the really beautiful view of the peaks of the surrounding mountains such as the Cima delle Buse, Monte Ziolera, Busa Grana, Cimon di Val Moena, Castèl di Bombasel, lake and peak of the Stellune, Cima d’Asta, Cime di Rava.

The descent into the valley follows the same track but you have to be careful at the steep track right below the peak.

Starting point

Bridge Conseria (1468 m)

Target point

Bridge Conseria (1468 m)


Bridge Conseria (1468 m)

Public transportation


A22 exit Trient, SS47, Borgo Valsugana, Strigno, Val Campelle

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