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Hohe Wilde

Senales (Schnals)
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Informationen zur Tour Hohe Wilde

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    10:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1690 m
  • Altitude
    1690 m
  • Max. height
    3385 m
Boasting 3480 meters, the Hohe Wilde (also called Hochwilde) is true to its name - very high and, with some exposed sections and fixed ropes in places, also pretty wild. In 2012 the route was altered due to falling rock hazard. The lengthy ascent is rewarded with spectacular views.


A tip up front: it would be more enjoyable to allow two days for the Hohe Wilde rather than trying for a day's outing. The ascent to Stettiner Hütte (2875 m) is quite lengthy, and completing just the first stage of the walk requires a lot of energy. But let's get started: Set off in Vorderkaser in Pfossental, and an initially wide path (No. 24 – Merano High-Altitude Trail) leads you to the Eishof guest house. From around 2100 m above sea level the valley narrows, as does the ascent path to Eisjöchl at 2900 m, from where the Stettiner Hütte is in full view and only 10 minutes away. Climbers should allow around 3.5 hours to reach the hut. Right next to the hut, track 48 leads further north. On the old ascent path to Hohe Wilde, climbers had been threatened by falling rocks, and the path was officially blocked off for longer periods, but in 2012 a decision was finally made to create a new route to the summit was created, partly secured with steel ropes.  First follow the old signposting across the ridge until you encounter the "falling rock" warning sign around elevation 3150. Now, instead of heading straight on, continue left (red dot markings) along a partly exposed path leading up to the summit. The fixed ropes and steps will be helpful. After around 90 minutes to two hours the summit is finally reached – with delightful views of the Ötztal Alps, the Texel group consisting of Hohe Weisse, Lodner and Texelspitze; on clear days the view extends to the Ortlergruppe and the Dolomites.
 For the descent follow the same route.


The assent to Stettiner Hütte can also be started from Pfelders on the Val Passiria side. The timing is similar to starting from the Val Senales side.

Starting point

Vorderkaser in Pfossental, a side valley of Val Senales

Target point

Vorderkaser in Pfossental, a side valley of Val Senales


Metered car park (but with voucher for "Jägerrast" inn) in Vorderkaser.

Public transportation


From the Merano direction, just after the Naturns bypass tunnel turn right into Val Senales. At Karthaus, turn right onto a steep, narrow road leading to Vorderkaser.

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