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Hintere Schöntaufspitze

Laces (Latsch)
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Informationen zur Tour Hintere Schöntaufspitze

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1230 m
  • Altitude
    1230 m
  • Max. height
    3295 m
Most walkers choose the Sulden side to climb the Hintere Schöntaufspitze. The reason is that it is a relatively short walk up a 3000+ m mountain offering excellent views. The ascent from Martell is long and arduous – but great for those who love fantastic secluded walks.


The curvy road takes you to a height of over 2000 m and the metered car park near Enzianhütte, a serviced hut. From the many signposts select Zufallhütte, then turn right at the short flat section. No. 151 leads you to Madritschjoch. This is not your destination but an important junction. The track continues with a mixture of steep paths and flat sections through the wide Madritschtal – with Veneziaspitze, Köllkuppe and other glacier peaks surrounding you, while in the distance you can already catch a glimpse of the Hintere Schöntaufspitze. Even in mid-summer, early risers will encounter more rock cairns serving as signposts than people here. But many will welcome this feeling of seclusion. The final few hundred vertical meters below Madritschjoch are quite steep – and looking further above you will see groups of climbers who chose the more popular Sulden side for the ascent. The pass offers a fantastic view: Königspitze, Zebrù and Ortler are lining up, with Cevedale, Zufallspitzen, Vertainspitze and a few other spectacular mountains, all over 3000 m, surrounding the three famous peaks. Only 200 vertical meters, mainly over rubble, now separate you from the top of the Hintere Schöntaufspitze. The peak itself is not spectacular, but the view of the surrounding mountains around the Ortler is truly magnificent.
For the descent follow the same route.


During the final third of the descent, if you don't mind a short "detour" to Zufallshütte, you will encounter the only refreshment stop along the entire route.

Starting point

Car park - Enzianhütte

Target point

Car park - Enzianhütte


Metered car park right beside Enzianhütte

Public transportation

By train (Vinschgerbahn) to Goldrain, then by bus to Martelltal valley head.


From Goldrain, head for Martelltal up to the Zufritt reservoir, then on to the car park near Enzianhütte. Caution: roads are steep and curvy.

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