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Corno di Lago Scuro 3166 m

Val di Sole
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Informationen zur Tour Corno di Lago Scuro 3166 m

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    590 m
  • Altitude
    550 m
  • Max. height
    3118 m
You are recommended to bring good gear for this rather easy but partly exposed via is ferrata. Via Italian war paths and emplacements of the First World War, this route goes through alpine terrain. You will also cross a suspended bridge at the “Gendarme”, built in 1916. This passage, being a little frightening, can be avoided by taking a tunnel built in 1918 with a length of 90 metres (bring a lamp!). The Corno di Lago Scuro is almost exactly on the track and the few minutes it takes to deviate are surely worth the while as you can admire the views of the central Adamello group with its glaciers. Even in the summer you will encounter some snow and some steep canals require caution. crampons and ice picks are very helpful in these places. The glacier of the Vedrette Presena to the south-west you need to follow on your way back down is almost free of holes. But the terrain is very steep and crampons are therefore also recommended for this track.


From the Passo Paradiso (2585 m) to the “Friedensaltar” at the Lago del Monticello. Cross the river and via the western shore you walk for some metres until you turn right into the path n. 44 (small sign). Via this path you will come across both grass and glaciers, later you will walk over debris until you reach the Passo di Castellaccio (2963 m), 1.5 hours. Below the crest on the western side, well secured by wooden walkways and ropes, you can continue into a cave to reach the Passo di Casamadre (2984 m) or you walk to the right over two suspended bridges to reach the same place. From this point you follow a path that is mostly easy and via the debris you get up the mountain. Eventually, you will reach a steep canal via which (iron clamps, steel ropes) you continue uphill. You turn right to surmount the following slope. After 1 hour and 45 minutes you will reach the closed bivouac Amici della Montagna (one room is open, 2 seats). This peak of the Corno di Lago Scuro can easily be reached to the left via an easy path. Past the bivouac you walk along the easily visible path to the south (not many ropes) and via the southern crest you get to the south-eastern side. At the following junction (signs, not found in maps) you keep left to reach the eastern crest in some minutes. Follow the chains on the steep paths north until you reach the south-eastern rest of the glacier Vedretta Presena. Be careful when crossing the ice! From the peak 30 minutes. From the rocks you go left a little and via the steep ice downhill (following the tracks). Only few signs will help you to find the way down through the rocks north and in the direction of the Capanna Presena, reached in 30 more minutes. Via the path n. 209 you walk through the easily inclined terrain down to the Lago del Monticello and then to the Passo Paradiso, 30 more minutes.

Starting point

Passo Paradiso

Target point

Passo Paradiso


Public transportation


From the Tonalepass you take the cable car to the Passo Paradiso. Or walk from the Tonalepass for approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes via the path n. 209 until you reach the Passo Paradiso (not recommended).

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