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San Leonardo (St. Leonhard) in Passiria Valley
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Informationen zur Tour Clava

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1300 m
  • Altitude
    1320 m
  • Max. height
    2837 m
Reaching he 2865 m summit of Kolbenspitze requires some stamina, but it rewards walkers with a delightful panorama.


This rather challenging mountain hike starts at the Karlegger Hof car park above Ulfas. The route to Kolbenspitze is well signposted and marked No. 2 (on some maps still as No. 3a). The first few hundred meters are over flat, tarmacked ground towards Ulfas-Alm, then turn right slightly uphill through dense woodland and up to the pastures along Saldenbach. At around 2000 meters, a track branches off left to the upper Ulfas-Alm; however, follow the sign for Kolbenspitze. It now gets increasingly steep, there are fewer and fewer grassy areas and the tour increasingly resembles a high-altitude climb. At the very top the "Stoanmandl" – also marked on some maps – moves into view. But the way there is longer than it seems. Only upward of 2600 m will the route to the top seem within reach. Now follow No. 3 to Kolbenspitze. The final part of the ascent up to the summit cross at 2865 m is a beautiful experience, as is the panoramic view from the top – provided there is no fog rising up from the valley, which is quite common in this area.
For the descent, first follow the same route. At Stoanmandl it is decision time. If you are still feeling fit, sure-footed and can handle the heights, follow the route across the ridge described below. Otherwise follow the shorter, safer ascent route. Those prepared to risk the ridge should stay on No. 3 until just before the slope below Matatzspitze which offers wide views over Val Passiria and even Etsch valley as well as the many mountain ranges near the Austrian border. The path leading down to the valley is well signposted; you pass a derelict hut and reach the lower Ulfas-Alm which is serviced from May until October; from here briefly follow the Waalweg but after the first fence take the track on the left. This is a shortcut of the forest road which is slightly longer. Further down you reach a bridge to join the forest road back to the starting point.


As described, you may choose to descend via the ascent route. This will save around one hour.

Starting point

Car park at Karlegger Hof, Ulfas

Target point

Car park at Karlegger Hof, Ulfas


Free car park in Ulfas (at end of trafficable road).

Public transportation


From Merano to Val Passiria (Passeiertal), then from St Leonhard in the direction of Breiteben, on to Platt and Ulfas and the car park at the end of the trafficable road.

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