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The refuge and huts tour

Val di Fiemme
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Informationen zur Tour The refuge and huts tour

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    4:15 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    780 m
  • Altitude
    1230 m
  • Max. height
    2046 m
No reason to complicate life! Riding long climbs on a mountain bike is a matter of taste; people either love it or hate it. If folks belong to the ‘hate it’ camp, there is a pretty simple remedy.


On this tour the first chunk of vertical metres (to the Bellamonte- Lusia cable car) can be easily “conquered” with the support of the Bellamonte express. the Malga Bocche, first checkpoint of the day, offers stunning views on the Pale di S.Martino. A panoramic road leads to the second checkpoint – the Rifugio Lusia – at almost the same altitude. After a good break the tour continues “only” on a downhill. By Bellamonte the route passes the cool Gola di Sotto Sassa gorge (Val travignolo), with its steep rock walls. the goal, the “Funivie del Latemar” cable car, is located next to the village in direction Moena. Fit riders can avoid the shuttle bus service.

Itinerary description

MtB route n. 232 (sign-posted). From the Bellamonte-Lusia cable car car-park in castelir ➊ 1530 m, it is necessary to back track for about 500 m on the road turn left at this point, get to the fork ➋, turn left at this point, and take the forest road; after a brief climb, descend to just before the Paneveggio artificial lake. commence climbing toward the Malga Bocche, to the crossing ➌ 1960 m, and from here keep to the right toward the Malga Bocche ➍ 1950 m. Return to the crossing on the same road ➌, keeping to the right and staying on the beautiful panoramic road in the direction of the Rifugio Lusia, pass the water fountain ➎ and arrive at the refuge ➏ 2055 m, which is the highest point of this tour. From here proceed down to the ciamp de le Strie hut ➐ 1940 m, straight to the crossing ➑, turn left here and keep descending to the to Bellamonte, then cross the road to Passo Rolle ➒ 1420 m and drop down toward the Hotel canada. At the fork ➓ keep to the left dropping into the Val travignole. Proceed straight at the fork ⓫, take the short single-track, and keep on going up to almost the end of the gorge to the Lizata stone bridge ⓬ 1150 m. At this point we turn left, then right ⓭ at the fork, and cross the river travignolo, leaving the camping Valleverde to the left and continuing to the SS 50 ⓮. Keep to the left, run along the river leaving to the road to Predazzo ⓯ 1020 m, turn right in the village centre and watch for the bicycle path ⓰. Follow this path in the direction of Moena to the “Latemar 2200“ cable car valley station ⓱, 1050 m.

Starting point

Castelir (Bellamonte-Lusia cable car valley station), 1530 m

Target point

Castelir (Bellamonte-Lusia cable car valley station), 1530 m


Public transportation


A) passo S.Lugano, Predazzo
B) From passo Costalunga-Karerpass or passo rolle-rollepass access to predazzo 


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