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Sella Pass & City of Stones

Selva Val Gardena (Wolkenstein)
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Informationen zur Tour Sella Pass & City of Stones

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    760 m
  • Altitude
    760 m
  • Max. height
    2245 m
Rewarding mountain bike tour in Val Gardena


This tour has been provided by Val Gardena/Gröden Marketing

From the tourist association in Wolkenstein, the gentle incline of the old railway line offers the perfect warm up. Next, follow the mountain pass (more traffic in the high season) to Plan de Gralba. There is no real alternative to this pass, but the 200m vertical climb is quickly completed, and from Plan de Gralba onwards, the tour heads up towards the Sella pass at a noticeably steeper incline. The trail is initially on a gravel road but then becomes a gorgeous, thin trail with some tight bends. At this point you will start to come across the foothills of the city of stones. If you're in good condition and have a solid technique, it's all rideable, but if you dismount you can enjoy the awesome view of the towering Langkofel.

The slightly uphill trail straight through the city of stones begins in the car park for the gondola to the Langkofel col. During the high season and weekends with good weather, expect to have to share this section with lots of other walkers and cyclists. No matter though, you should take your time here anyway to appreciate the stones left over from a rockfall from the Langkofel centuries ago.

The following descent begins with a super trail in the shadow of the Langkofel. You could continue, but few manage to resist the pull of the Rifugio Comici just 1.5 kilometres further down the trail. It's hard to believe, but this wonderfully situated mountain hut offers outstanding food. Where the landlord gets his famous fresh fish from remains his secret. In any case, food-lovers can truly indulge themselves here.

Good that the rest of the tour to Wolkenstein is almost completely downhill, as a full stomach only makes you plummet faster towards the bottom of the valley. Caution: the varied descent branches off into an easy-to-miss path, which you are sure to whizz by if you don't look exactly at your map or GPS (waypoint 36).

There is a short, surprising climb shortly before La Selva, but then you roll gently and happily back to the starting point of the tour in Wolkenstein.


1. Ascent by gondola: You'll miss the Sella pass and the city of stones this way, but you can of course take the gondola from Wolkenstein to Ciampinoi and then from the top station follow signs to Comici. You will rejoin the tour at waypoint 30, right by the Rifugio Comici.

2. Detour via Monte Pana: At the easy-to-miss waypoint 36, do not turn right, but instead continue straight on the gravel road. After exactly 2 kilometres, take the sharp right turn towards Monte Pana. Continue downhill and along the pretty trail to Cislat and La Selva. There you will rejoin the tour at waypoint 46.

3. Make the ascent completely on the mountain pass: Possible, but should only be done when there's little traffic. This variant takes you from Plan de Gralba to the the car park for the cable car to the Langkofel col and then along the mountain pass to the Sella pass. To ride this route, stay on the main road when you reach waypoint 10 in Plan de Gralba and then follow the road uphill. The car park for the cable car is just before the Sella pass, where you can rejoin the tour at waypoint 23.

Starting point

Tourist association Wolkenstein in Gröden (Selva Gardena)

Target point

Tourist association Wolkenstein in Gröden (Selva Gardena)


Parking: When you reach the centre of Wolkenstein, turn left in front of Nives square (Nives Platz) and then immediately left again into the Nives car park.

Public transportation


Take the A22, coming via Innsbruck-Brenner if you are travelling from the north, or Verona-Bolzano from the south. The most convenient exit is called Klausen (Chiusa)/Gröden (Val Gardena). From there, follow the clearly signed Höhenstraße (alpine road) to reach St. Ulrich and shortly afterwards St. Christina and Wolkenstein.

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