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Sa Mesa

Baronia Barbagia di Bitti e Tepilora
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Informationen zur Tour Sa Mesa

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    230 m
  • Altitude
    230 m
  • Max. height
    260 m
This simple tour allows a few hours of excursion, with limited height differences, around the lower part of the territory of Irgoli, but without giving up passing through important places for history and charm.


You start from the village, then proceed along the SP 72 in the direction of Capo Comino. From the crossroads at the petrol station, drive for about 8.8 km along the provincial road, which is never too busy, until you find a dirt road on the right, in excellent condition, that descends steeply towards the river, called Riu Othierìe in this area. A beautiful bridge allows the crossing and the road immediately begins to climb, initially outdoors on a lawn and then, after passing a gate, in the woods. The signs at the gate indicate that you have just entered a forest site, or an area managed by the agency Forestas for the care and management of the forest. We continue uphill, surrounded by the essences of the scrub: under the holm oaks, the tallest trees, a dense undergrowth presents a wide range of species of the Mediterranean scrub, among which it is impossible not to mention the myrtle, that in this area of Sardinia reaches rare size and beauty. We soon reach a wide plain where, on the left, there is a vessel for collecting water useful in the fight against fire, while on the right there is a spring. You start ascending again, sometimes with slopes that require you to climb on the pedals, but always for short stretches and always on an excellent ground. Continue on the main road at a crossroads, thus completing a hairpin bend to the right, and always keeping the right at the next crossroads (just before, always on the right, you would have gone down a little to a beautiful clearing with another vessel of water). From this point, the road will remain mainly at high altitude, except for short differences in height of little importance. You continue, then, on the same level and the road follows the course of the slopes, sometimes identifying on the left, near the coolest basins, some areas used as rest areas with spring. The forest gets lower and you come to another crossroad: on the right, through a convenient road, you would return to the SP 72. Instead, turn left, making a short climb and then continue on the flat, coming out of the forest and the forest yard at some eucalyptus and pine trees. The road soon becomes asphalted, but it is rarely used and allows you to enjoy the slight descent to the village. Along the road, surrounded by cultivated fields, a myriad of granite blocks of various sizes appear, the most notable of which is that of Conca Caddu: a spherical 'tafone', dug into its southern side, which makes a nice contrast with the distant crest of Pontesu. On the left, on the border with the territory of Onifai, the beautiful granite hills of M. Oddie, where a large megalithic wall of protohistoric age stands out among the scrub. A bridge allows you to cross the river again, to regain the SP72 nearly at the gates of Irgoli and from here you can reach the car. 

Starting point


Target point



Irgoli town centre, near the petrol station.


Public transportation

Bus for Irgoli.


From the SS 131 exit at the junction for Lula, Orosei, Dorgali, then follow the signs for Irgoli.


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Matteo Cara

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