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Rifugio Alpe di Tires

Castelrotto (Kastelruth)
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Informationen zur Tour Rifugio Alpe di Tires

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1820 m
  • Altitude
    1820 m
  • Max. height
    2445 m
Demanding Mountain Bike itinerary at the Alpe di Tires refuge on the Alpe di Siusi


Itinerary made available by Val Gardena Marketing

Starting at the Tourist Association Alpe di Siusi and covering the first kilometres that take to the Infopoint in San Valentino and the panoramic road that guides to the Wasserebene locality, these first kilometres can be considered a warm up. Then starts the demanding ascent towards Schafstall: At 200 m of incline higher up the street from Marinzen to Gstatsch is super flowing. From here you start with a bit of training. For the next 250 metres of incline you will ride on the Alpe di Siusi road closed to traffic from 9am until the parking. There are no alternative routes. From the Spitzbühel parking the tour becomes steeper: with an average incline of 15% you have a narrow asphalt road that guides to the uphill station of the Spitzbühel chair lift. The namesake mountain hut dominates the valley. From the terrace the Santner/Santnerspitze point, that represents the end of the Sciliar/Schlern on the north-west, appears so close you think you could touch it with your finger. From Spitzbühel starts the panoramic marathon of mountain huts, alpine huts, and refuges of the Alpe di Siusi. On the road that brings in front of the Laurin mountain hut, the Alpenhotel outlook, Rosa Alpina mountain hut, Molignon refuge and the Chiesetta Dialer, the Alpe di Siusi and its surrounding summits do not cease to amaze: Sassolungo/Langkofel, Sassopiatto/Plattkofel, Marmolada, Gruppo del Sella- Sellastock, Sas Rigais, Le Odle/Geißler, i denti di Terrarossa/Rosszähne, lo Sciliar /Schlern e la Punta Santner/Santnerspitze. When the weather is good the view extends even further, for example on the Zillertal alpes and the Stubai in Austria until Ortles/Ortler. 300 metres of incline are left between the Chiesetta del Dialler and the Alpe di Tires refuge. The ascent is very steep. Some long sections of the way have an incline of up to 20% and this occurs in a moment in which the biker has already had to deal with a lot of metres of incline. Even if you feel the need to stop for a break at the Alpe di Tires refuge it is still worth the effort. This isolated refuge is spectacular at the bottom of the Denti di Terrarossa/Rosszähne and offers a magnificent view for example on the nearby Catinaccio/Rosengarten. The host and his wife are hearty people and the food is exquisite. It is so beautiful up there that you feel like stopping over for the night. Why not?
On the way back on magnificent trails you descend in direction of Giogio Molignon, when the weather is good the view extends to the Marmolada. From the Chiesetta Dialler there is a panoramic path that takes to the Zallinger. On a dirt path  and further ahead on an asphalt road you arrive in Saltria where the last leg of the tour begins. On an asphalt road you pass in front of the pleasant Rauch mountain hut until you reach Compaccio.
Just under Compaccio at the height of the Zorzi hotel there is a trail that guides in direction of the Spitzbühel parking. After the Jaggl alpine hut this trail transforms in pure fun for bikers.. Here, the experts in Mountain Biking technique are the ones who enjoy the most. The single track in direction of Gstatsch is narrow, inaccessible and in certain points an antique route for carts. In case of rain this path is very slippery. From Gstatsch the fun carries on, a narrow and isolated trail takes you until Bagni di Razzes. At the height of the Frommer stream you find yourself back on a dirt road and can breathe an air of “civilisation”.
Under the ruins of the Castelvecchio starts a very flowing trail that ends at the parking of the Alpe di Siusi cablecar. From here in just a few minutes you get back to the starting point at the Tourist Association Alpe di Siusi.


1. An easier ascent on the road for the Alpe di Siusi. At the height of the San Valentino Infopoint ( Kontrollstelle St. Valentin Punto di via 8) do not turn on the extreme left but keep going straight in direction of Gstatsch. At the height of the point of path 25 you find yourself on the above described tour.
2 . Avoid the Alpe di Tires refuge: For those who do not have the required physical condition, if it is too late or the weather is not good enough you can reduce the tour at the height of the Chiesetta Dialer. At the height of the point of path 56 do not go in direction of the Alpe di Tires refuge but turn left in direction of Zallinger. You save 320 metres of incline, a bit more than an hours’ worth.
3. Ascent with the Alpe di Siusi cablecar. The tour becomes remarkably shorter and easier if you take the cablecar until Compaccio and then you ride along the asphalt road that passes in front of  the Information office of Alpe di Siusi in direction of Giogo. You meet the above described tour at the height of the point of path 46 and save 1,100 metres in incline.

Starting point

Tourist Association Alpe di Siusi.

Target point

Tourist Association Alpe di Siusi.


You can find various parking spaces and underground garages in the area. The blue parking spaces are with fee. The ticket for the parking must be paid at the automatic machines. All other parking is free.

Public transportation


Arriving from the north:
Exit A22 in Chiusa - Alpe di Siusi, take the SS 12 until Ponte Gardena in direction of Alpe di Siusi.
Arriving from the south:
Exit A22 Bolzano Nord, SS 12 until Prato all’Isarco, direction Alpe di Siusi.

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Horst Gamper

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  • Avatar of KleMTB R

    KleMTB R

    Und noch was: im Hochsommer nicht zu empfehlen! total überbevölkert ... Wanderer + Biker + E-Biker. Ab Mitte September und im Mai - Juni bei gutem Wetter aber sehr toll !

  • Avatar of KleMTB R

    KleMTB R

    Zache Tour! und gleich noch 2 Tipps dazu: 1. vom Dialer Kirchl nicht der Beschreibung "Tierser Alpl" folgen, sondern zuerst auf das Mahlknechtjoch und gleich danach rechts. Spart etwas Kraft die man danach immer noch gut brauchen kann + Sicht ins wunderschöne Duron-Tal. 2. der in der Beschreibung beschriebene Trail vom Dialer Kirchl zum Zallinger ist für Radfahrer verboten. Korrekt wäre es abzufahren und dann über den Forstweg wieder hoch, wenn jemand unbedingt den Zallinger noch mitnehmen möchte. 3. Wer gegen Ende in Compatsch wirklich müde ist (und keine Lust auf knackige Trails hat), kann auch einfach die normale Straße abfahren. Etwas nach der Kontrollstelle einfach links in Richtung Ratzes. Wer zum Parkplatz der Seilbahn möchte einfach der Beschilderung folgen.