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On the trail of the Giro d'Italia - Tour of Italy

Brunico (Bruneck)
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Informationen zur Tour On the trail of the Giro d'Italia - Tour of Italy

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    4:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1630 m
  • Altitude
    1630 m
  • Max. height
    2273 m
Secluded and demanding itinerary on the tracks of the most important Italian cycling race – “Giro d’Italia”


Under the Reischacher Köpfl there is a phase of the route where you have to push your bike manually on an 80 m incline. The real “ascent” only starts at the Sares Sancturay. The following destination of this tour, Pieve di Marebbe, sits on the steep slopes facing south above S.Virgilio di Marebbe. Plan de Corones is the highest point of this itinerary.

Itinerary description
From the station downline ➊ 950 m of the Plan de Corones cablecar come back along the road until the intersection, turn left until S.Stefano, pass by the dwellings and at the intersection ➋ go right and go down along road N.15 for Maria Sares. At the farmhouse ➌ turn left and proceed towards the Palù intersection ➍ 915 m – keep going straight then down towards the valley floor along road N.15 until you reach the fork ➎ Bear left and go slightly downhill until Maria Sares ➏ 980 m, proceed along road N.12 until Pieve di Marebbe ➐ 1290 m – from the town centre go uphill following the signposts for S.Stefano, at the fork before the La Costa hamlet ➑ go right on road N.2, pass by Fordora and reach Frena. Turn left on the forestry road ➒ 1550 m (Attention: the ban on Mountain Bikes does not apply to the ascent) and ride along until you see a wooden crucifix ➓ Go up to the left until the fork. ⓫ 1940 m turn left onto road N.2 where you will have to push your bike for a short while. At the Reischacher Köpfl ⓬ 2020 m cross the brief trail, follow the signs for the Riscone station, go down along the forestry road ⓭ from here, go uphill to the left until the uphill station of the cablecar ⓮ 2260 m. Now go towards east, follow the signs for the station downline of Valdaora until the Geiselsberger refuge ⓯ 2090 m, proceed left in direction of the station downline of Valdaora (passing by Olang 1 + 2) downhill on a steep slope until the Pracken refuge ⓰ 1810 m, turn right on road N.5B and go to the intersection ⓱ 1750 m. Go to the left and follow the N.3 signposting for Sorafurcia until you merge onto the road for Passo di Furcia ⓲ 1380 m – pass by Sorafurcia and proceed for ca. 1,2 km downhill until the Hubertus hotel ⓳ 1310 m – go uphill following the signposting for Brunico, arrive at a crossroads ⓴, go downhill to the right along path N.14 for Brunico/Hexenplatz partly along the “Ried”  ski slope and partly along the forestry road turning right at its end, until the Alpenblick boarding house. 1060 m – from here take a left in direction of Riscone and go back to the starting point.

Starting point

Station downline of the Plan de Corones cablecar, 950 m

Target point

Station downline of the Plan de Corones cablecar, 950 m


At the starting point

Public transportation


Val Pusteria, Riscone (Brunico)

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Martin Braito

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