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From Irgoli to Norghio and return

Baronia Barbagia di Bitti e Tepilora
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Informationen zur Tour From Irgoli to Norghio and return

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    610 m
  • Altitude
    610 m
  • Max. height
    634 m
For vast horizons and millenary olive trees.


A challenging route in terms of development and difference in height, but without great uphill stretches and with a surface that is almost always in good conditions. It starts from the village of Irgoli, taking the SP72 towards Capo Comino for about 4 km until you find, on the left, an asphalt road that detaches from it uphill. You take it, proceeding between private properties on a road that is quickly unpaved, but always with a nice surface and slopes not too challenging.


You arrive uphill (now steeper) at a gate, preceded by some rows of Eucaliptus with a beautiful view of the Tuttavista. You pass the barrier, closing it if found closed, proceeding now decidedly uphill on a dirt road that becomes more and more ruined, completing some wide hairpin bends on a stony ground and passing a drinking trough. The climb does not give up for a moment, but allows a wider and wider view of the Baronia and the Tuttavista.


A last hairpin bend leads to a wide ridge from which, finally, you can see the entire crest of Pontesu and the peak of Monte Senes, the highest in the area, dominating on the right. You proceed along the edge of the ridge, with a now smoother slope, passing a further closure with a gate and another drinking trough, then along the fences with meadows surrounding beautiful granite outcrops, especially beautiful to see in spring.


Another fence at a sheepfold, surrounded by hundred-year-old olive trees (beware of dogs, which can sometimes be aggressive with cyclists). In particular, it is a splendid specimen, on the left of the path, that attracts attention: a straight tree with a wide crown, with a trunk formed and marked by its hundreds of springs. Continue on the flat dirt road or slightly downhill, on a surface in excellent condition, until you reach a crossroads where you turn left regaining the asphalt. Turn right at the next fork, slightly uphill, and continue in a wide and spectacular environment, passing the pass of Ianna (reached by other routes) and then on the right, at the next fork, in the area Ianna 'e Pruna, where you should visit the protohistoric site of the same name. Continue on the asphalt road, passing by two beautiful perennial springs, with splendid views of the sea, the Cedrino valley, the Supramonte and the Gennargentu.


The road bends to the left, surrounded by conifers in an area of reforestation and arriving at Norghio where there is a crossroads: to the left you go to the inn of the same name, to the right you can go down, on asphalt, to the church of Sant'Elene and then to Irgoli, while in the middle of the two roads opens a third alternative that you should take. Initially on asphalt, the road maintains the altitude with a splendid view of the sea, to turn left and end in a large open space with a view. Here begins the only difficult and technical stretch of the route: on the left of the clearing, an ancient dirt road completely destroyed descends on a steep slope, furrowed by rain and cluttered with loose stones. You can eventually go down from the saddle: the complicated stretch is short and you quickly arrive at a large esplanade in Gosponi, where you meet a perfectly maintained dirt road that leads to the sheepfold of the same name, not far on the right.

You turn left, starting to descend quickly down the road perfectly maintained: you must indeed be careful not to get carried away by excessive speed, thus enjoying the beautiful forest and the unusual perspective of the mountains of Irgoli and Onifai that stand out against the sea. The long descent leads to the Othierìe area, where there are other extraordinary hundred-year-old olive trees near the sheepfolds of the same name. In a short time, you arrive at the paved road (the SP72), where there is yet another gate to open and close. Here, turning right, you can quickly return to the village, or you can extend the tour through the beautiful forest site of Sa Mesa on the left of the road.

Starting point


Target point

Irgoli, passing through Norghio


Irgoli town centre, near the petrol station.

Public transportation


From the SS 131 exit at the junction for Lula, Orosei, Dorgali, then follow the signs for Irgoli.


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