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Fassa-Fiemme cycle route

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Informationen zur Tour Fassa-Fiemme cycle route

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    20 m
  • Altitude
    640 m
  • Max. height
    1442 m
What initially appears to be an average bicycle path along the Avisio river, similar to all classic bicycle routes along famous rivers, is in reality a unique and inspiring concept. This is an original and quirky idea, to build a bicycle path in the heart of the Dolomites, which runs entirely on a descent in one direction, and involves a climb of 650 vertical metres in the other. It works pretty well. Conveniently tucked well away from traffic, this bicycle path connects the Fassa and Fiemme valleys. This idyllic route passes through little villages in the two valleys surrounded by the peaks of the Catinaccio and the Lagorai. This route also provides access to various mountain biking trails.


And sure it’s all downhill from Molina di Fiemme. From the end of June to mid-September the “bike express Fassa–Fiemme“ as- sisted lift is operating. there are fifteen stops along the route. the shuttle bus service is a nice support for families with children and for everyone who wants to enjoy an easy and relaxing ride back to valley bottom on the bicycle path. For those who rather cycle to the trailhead the climb is nice and easy.

Itinerary description

Set off from the water park in canazei ➊ 1440 m. Ride on forest road on the right valley side, to the “col Rodella“ cable car valley station ➋ 1410 m, and head in the direction of campestrin ➌ 1380 m, continuing straight to the crossing in Pera ➍. Proceed straight ahead to Pozza di Fassa ➎ 1320 m. Ride around the village, keeping to the left side, and turn left ➏ at the fork, and continue riding to Soraga ➐ 1210 m. Keeping to the bicycle path, continue to Moena ➑ 1200 m. cross the town centre and stay on the main road for 1.5 km until the fork, ➒ turn left, back onto the bicyle path and descend into Predazzo ➓ 1030 m. Ride past the village to the right and at the fork ⓫ turn left, and continue straight to the next crossing ⓬, still following the bicycle path in the direction of ziano di Fiemme; at the fork ⓭ stay to the right and arrive in ziano ⓮ 950 m. At the cross both ⓯ turn left, briefly leave the bicycle path, get back onto it ⓰ at the crossing, cross both ⓱ + ⓲ and continue riding straight to the bridge in Molina di Fiemme ⓳ 860 m.

Starting point

Canazei, Dolaondes water sports centre, 1440 m

Target point

Canazei, Dolaondes water sports centre, 1440 m


Canazei, Dolaondes water sports centre

Public transportation


A) Val di Fiemme-Fleimstal or Val di Fassa-Fassatal, Canazei B) Costalunga pass or passo Sella-Sellajoch, Canazei


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Mountain biking in the Dolomites

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