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Col dei Baldi

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Informationen zur Tour Col dei Baldi

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1220 m
  • Altitude
    1210 m
  • Max. height
    1907 m
The support of lifts makes this tour a rather pleasant one. For hard-core mountain bikers there is also the option to ride to the Piani di Pezzè and to Col dei Baldi on nice roads.


The first descent in Malga Vescova requires good riding skills and a good deal of concentration. three single-track sections give this ride a good fun rating: the first one from Forcella Pècol to Pescul, the second one from Posalz to Pian and the third and final from colle S. Lucia to caprile. For technically advanced riders these sections are great fun and packed with surprises.

Itinerary description

The starting point is the ice centre in ➊ Alleghe (1000 m). Take the cable car and arrive in ➋ Piani di Pezzè (1460 m), from here descend to the col dei Baldi valley station. At this point another ➌ cable car that will ascend to the actual col dei Baldi ➍ 1922 m. From the unload station keep left and ride up to the crossing on a rough forest road; turn right toward ➎ Malga Vescovà (1740 m). Continue on the civetta Superbike paved trail and get to ➏ Mal- ga Fontanafredda (1768 m). From here stay on forest road n. 568– 561 up to ➐ Forcella Pècol (1768 m). After descending for a short time, cross a ski trail overpass and take the civetta Superbike sin- gle-track. this downhill section ends at the ➑ SP 251 road access; from here descend into ➒ Pescul (1415 m) and then to ➓ S. Fosca. At the village doors turn right, climb toward ⓫ Landria for a little while, then downhill to the ⓬ SP 251, and right on the main road to Selva di cadore. on the first obvious fork – at the entrance of the village – start climbing in the direction of ⓭ Rova (1390 m). Some elevation is gained on a wide forest road to get to ⓮ the road to Passo Giau. Descend on this road for 300 m and turn right toward the village of ⓯ Posalz (1500 m). At the end of a little row of houses, follow signage n. 464 to Pian. A nice little single-track leads directly onto the ⓰ main road; keep to the right to reach ⓱ Pian (1370 m). Proceed on either on the main road or through the village of Varaza (second option lies lower) to get to ⓲ colle S. Lucia (1435 m). on the village square, at the cesa delle Angele, take the forest road (signage not very clear!) to “caprile“; from here, descend toward the bottom heading to ⓳ caprile (990 m), partly on the route of the transalp. climb out of the valley, leaving Savinor behind, and turn left to get ⓴ to the bridge over the river cordevole; we cross it, pass onto the right bank, and follow the bicycle path that leads to •• Le Grazie. Ride straight to the •• next bridge and cross to the other side of the valley, ride a short while on the main road and follow the lake perimeter to return to to Alleghe. 

Starting point

Alleghe, 1000 m

Target point

Alleghe, 1000 m


Alleghe, 1000 m

Public transportation


A) Val di Fassa-Fassatal, Passo Fedaia, Alleghe
B) Belluno, Agordo, Alleghe 


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