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Cappella Jore

Valle del Biois
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Informationen zur Tour Cappella Jore

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    830 m
  • Altitude
    830 m
  • Max. height
    1483 m
Don’t get too comfortable when reading the technical data, this tour requires a high level of physical fitness and preparation, and good riding skills after all. In summer a stop at the Rifugio Lagazzon is a nice add-on for this tour.


Villages in the Dolomites are characterised by a very unique charm. Falcade counts just over 2000 inhabitants and belongs to the province of Belluno, in the Biòis, the heart of the Dolomites, between the Marmolada and the Pale di San Martino and underneath Passo di San Pellegrino. Those who are after a few moments of peaceful solitude will find it on this tour. This route passes many mountain villages at the base of the cime d’Auta. The destination of this tour is the picturesque cappella Jore (chapel), at 1456 m of elevation. the locals meet here for mass once a year. on a clear day the view spans from Monte Agner to Monte civetta, reaching to the Pale di S. Martino.

Itinerary description

The starting point is ➊ Falcade (1155 m); descend into the valley on the main road for about 400 m and arrive at the ➋ Hotel Arnicas, from here take a left toward canes and on to ➌ Valt (1302 m). cross the village on the Via Valt and reach the village of ➍ Sappade (1360 m). on the Via Don Bartolomeo start climbing and get to the highest point of this tour, the ➎ cappella Jore (1456 m). Just underneath the chapel take a barely visible grass path and then take a left to enter the forest, descend on the forest road to Val Piana and arrive in ➏ caiada (1192 m), from here we continue up to the village of ➐ colmean (1274 m) and then down to ➑ Feder (1252 m). Before the church of Feder turn left and climb up to the Rifugio Lagazzon crossing ➒ (1356 m); ➓ taking the paved road down to Fregona (1268 m), ⓫ carfon (1156 m), ⓬ Sacchèt (1080 m) and ⓭ celat (957 m). continue riding for another little bit, cross the ⓮ SP 346 road, cross the bridge and proceed through the valley to ⓯ canale d’Agordo (977 m). From the village square follow the bicycle path (1st section Via crucis) toward the valley bottom to the main road ⓰. Turn left onto this road and ride back to the starting point.

Starting point

Falcade, 1155 m

Target point

Falcade, 1155 m


Falcade, 1155 m

Public transportation


A) Moena, Passo S. Pellegrino, Falcade
B) Belluno, Agordo, Falcade 



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