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1. Tour 1442 - Quattro Ville: Leisurely tour of the castles along the apple orchards of Val di Non

Val di Non
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Informationen zur Tour 1. Tour 1442 - Quattro Ville: Leisurely tour of the castles along the apple orchards of Val di Non

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    190 m
  • Altitude
    190 m
  • Max. height
    675 m
The best of the Non Valley: Castles, historic towns and beautiful mountain views from the apple orchards on leisurely routes along tarred cycle paths and country lanes.


From Tuenno take the easy “Country” variant of the “Dolomiti Brenta Bike” tour to Cles, gateway to the Non Valley. From the centre of the village near the Piazza Alpini (grocery store) turn east, pass the church and head north on the main road (SP10). An easy ascent past the chemist’s takes you to the roundabout on Via Quattro Ville near the huge apple warehouse (km 1.3). Pass the roundabout and ride straight on through endless apple orchards. After the sports ground (km 2.3), continue parallel to the main road until the village of Cles (watch out for the traffic here). After the fire station at the end of the village you will come to a roundabout, at km 3.8, where the cycle path ends. Continue straight on for about 500 metres on Via Alcide de Gasperi until the zebra crossing, then take the narrow Via Giacomo Bresadola road and continue uphill for 200 metres. Take Via Armando Diaz and follow it to the right until you come to Piazza Grande in the historic centre (km 5.0) with Corso Dante, Piazza Grande, 1. Maggio, Cesare Battisti, the town hall and the Palazzo Assessorile.

Take the northbound main street, Via Guglielmo Marconi (km 5.3), which begins at the large roundabout in Cles and leads towards the Sole valley. Turn left after about 150 metres onto Via del Castello, which goes uphill. After passing the railway line and a slight bend to the right, you will see the majestic Cles Castle and Lake Santa Giustina below. Go straight on, following the route south, past the Maiano residential estate and the small church of Saints Peter and Paul until you come to another trail leading back to the railway and the main road SS43 (km 7.9). Go straight on, first downhill and then uphill, through the apple orchards towards Rallo. At the crossroad with traffic lights (km 9.2) turn left onto Via di Santo Spirito. When you come to the end, take a right at the T junction onto Via Pinamonti and past the church (km 9.7). At the crossroads, turn right towards the school and at the next crossroads (at Bar Berti), turn left onto Via Borgo Manero (km 9.8), which leads out of town and towards Sanzenone. In Sanzenone (km 10.3) turn off to the left (onto Via Al Palu’) and immediately right again (Via Garibaldi). Turn left onto Via Busetti (km 10.6) and follow the road up to a T junction (km 10.8). Turn first left and then right into farm land and the road to the Valer Castle (km 11.1). Turn left here and cycle downhill to Tassullo (km 12.0). Pass through the centre of the village and the town hall on Via della Santa and Via S. Vigilio. From the village, take the SP10 south to Nanno. Take great care at the left turn of the junction (km 13.0), where a gravel country trail also leads to Nanno. In Nanno (km 15.0), ride past the church, down to Via Centrale and Via Bergamo, where you will come to the village store. Leave Nanno on the SP10 head uphill towards the northwest and pass Nanno Castle (km 15.5) and the Church of Saints Fabian and Sebastian (km 16.1). Follow the road up to just before Tuenno (km 16.9), where you can take an alternative route (Via Snao) straight back to the village centre.

Starting point

Tuenno (631 m)

Target point

Tuenno (631 m)


Tuenno (631 m)

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