Mountain biking trails in Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino

Trentino, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful mountain biking trails.
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The 10 Most Beautiful mountain biking trails in Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino

Forte Pizzo Vezzena
Mountainbiking · Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino
With the MTB on the Pizzo di Levico
Premium content Difficulty moderate
47.4 km
7:00 h
1,956 m
1,956 m
On the mountain bike tour über the summit of Pizzo di Levico, we are offered a beautiful panorama and a crisp descent for künner.
Mountainbiking · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
841 - 100 Km dei Forti - Marathon
recommended route Difficulty S3 difficult
94.6 km
7:00 h
2,381 m
2,379 m
This is the Alpe Cimbra classic, one of the most exciting and challenging routes in Trentino, which gives its name to the international race of the same name. It runs between the seven forts of the Alpe, the fortresses of the Great War, between descents, climbs and spectacular views.
Mountainbiking · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
844 - 100 Km dei Forti - Lusern
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
38.9 km
3:00 h
1,037 m
1,036 m
Lusernese loop of the 100 Km dei Forti route. Varied, fun, challenging! It covers the entire Zimber Lant, the Cimbrian community in the Trentino area, an exceptional testimony of history and culture. All this in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Trentino!
Mountainbiking · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
851 - Alpe Cimbra Tour
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
63.2 km
5:00 h
1,995 m
1,995 m
A long and beautiful route, very technical, that from the Alpe Cimbra leads to the lower valley of the Centa and back to the Alpe along the bold and scenic Menador road. It combines the sporting aspect with the panoramic, scenic, natural, cultural and historical aspects. Dedicated to good climbers!
Mountainbiking · Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino
With the MTB around Lago di Levico and Lago di Caldonazzo
Premium content Difficulty easy
24.7 km
2:45 h
540 m
551 m
On this easy tour we can enjoy the beautiful views of Lago di Levico and Lago di Caldonazzo.
Mountainbiking · Cima d'Asta Group
MTB - Cima D'Asta Tour 2343
recommended route Difficulty S1 difficult
87.3 km
7:40 h
2,995 m
2,995 m
A circular tour that surrounds the Cima D'Asta granite massif, passing through the wild Val Campelle and the green Valle del Vanoi, in the heart of the Lagorai.
Der Monte Ortigara.
Mountainbiking · Italy
From Ghèrtele to Monte Ortigara
Premium content Difficulty difficult
60.7 km
7:15 h
1,850 m
1,850 m
This demanding mountain bike tour up Monte Ortigara is a challenge for us. Fitness and riding technique will be put to the test.
Mountainbiking · Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino
From Scurelle over the Cinque Croci pass
Premium content Difficulty difficult
51.5 km
7:00 h
3,308 m
3,309 m
This demanding tour takes us from Scurelle over the beautiful Passo Cinque Croci. Technically and above all in terms of fitness, we will be asked to do a lot.
Mountainbiking · Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino
MTB - Delle Pozze Tour 2352
recommended route Difficulty S1 moderate
21.3 km
2:20 h
1,043 m
1,043 m
A unique itinerary  in the southern part of the Lagorai chain
Mountainbiking · Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino
Sentiero de la Pace
recommended route Difficulty S2 moderate
30 km
2:45 h
1,055 m
1,054 m
Biketour mit moderater Steigung und vielen schattigen Abschnitten im Aufstieg und einer sensationellen Trailabfahrt, die bis auf einige wenige Abschnitte gut fahrbar ist, allerdings auch keine Fehler verzeiht. Also lieber einmal öfter absteigen wenn man sich nicht so sicher ist. Ich habe die Tour mit S2 bewertet. EInige kurze Abschnitte sind sicher erheblich schwerer, dort haben wir geschoben, bzw. getragen.
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