Mountain biking trails in Ulten

South Tyrol, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Ulten. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful mountain biking trails.
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The 10 Most Beautiful mountain biking trails in Ulten

Unser Ziel, die Haselgruberhütte
Mountainbiking · Ortler Group
Bike & Hike zur Haselgruber Hütte in den Ortler Bergen
recommended route Difficulty S0 moderate
18.2 km
4:30 h
1,004 m
1,004 m
Ein alternative Zustieg zu der einsamen Hütte hoch übern Rabbi Tal
Mountainbiking · Ortler Group
Hike & Bike zum Seefeldsee im Ultental
recommended route Difficulty S0 easy
16.1 km
3:30 h
968 m
968 m
In kurzer Biketour und Wanderung zum einsamen See am Fuße der Ilmenspitze.
Blick in das romantische Ultental
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
From St. Pankraz to the Weißbrunner Lake
Premium content Difficulty difficult
55.4 km
7:00 h
2,785 m
2,817 m
Mountain bike tour from St. Pankraz through the Ulten Valley to Wei;brunner See
Felsabstieg zur Inner Falkomai Alm
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
Ortler Runde Tag 05
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
32.2 km
5:30 h
1,757 m
1,151 m
Naturns-Naturnser Alm-Martscheinberg-Äußere Falkomai-Innere Falkomai-Ortlerhof-St. Walburg
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
Falkomai von Lana
recommended route Difficulty S3 difficult
45.5 km
8:00 h
2,305 m
2,307 m
Übers Vigiljoch zum Falkomaisee. Zurück übers Ultental.
Monte Viso 3645 m, Cevedale 3769 m
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
Ortler Runde Tag 01
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
46 km
8:58 h
2,461 m
2,910 m
St. Gertraud-Rabbijoch-Piazzola-Passo Cercen-Fucine
The tour starts in St. Walburg and leads up to the Gampen Alm.
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
Tour to Gampen Alm in Ulten
Premium content Difficulty difficult
21.8 km
3:12 h
1,080 m
1,080 m
Alpine meadow tourA great MTB circuit across the Spitzen Alm to the Gampen Alm followed by a trail descent.
Wasserspeicher und Erholungsgebiet: der Zoggler-Stausee in Ulten.
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
From Kuppelwies to Lake Arzkar
Premium content Difficulty moderate
32 km
4:42 h
1,163 m
1,162 m
Under power Ulten is the valley of reservoirs, from whose water electricity is generated. Why not try mountain biking from one to the other of these stately reservoirs, which are now also destinations for recreation seekers?
The beautful alpine hut Riemerbergl in Val d' Ultimo valley. 
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
Riemerbergl alpine hut with single trail
Premium content Difficulty difficult
21.4 km
3:07 h
906 m
907 m
Easy ascent, difficult descentThe ascent to the malga Riemerbergl alpine hut is easy but the downhill trail is only advisable for experienced bikers.
Ausgangs- und Endpunkt der Tour, der Zoggler Stausee.
Mountainbiking · Meraner Land
Along the Ultner Höfeweg
Premium content Difficulty moderate
15.5 km
1:39 h
128 m
129 m
Exploring tradition by bike.Even if you wouldn't think it possible at first glance, but hidden in the Ulten Valley with its beautiful farms is an easy, yet varied and interesting cycling route for the whole family.
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Bike & Hike zur Haselgruber Hütte in den Ortler Bergen by Lorenz
September 14, 2020 · Community
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When did you do this route? August 18, 2019
Photo: Lorenz Furini, Community
Falkomai von Lana by Martin
February 06, 2020 · Community
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When did you do this route? September 16, 2019
Naturnser Alm 1992 m
Photo: Martin Strobl, Community
Innere Falkomaialm 2051 m
Photo: Martin Strobl, Community
Photo: Martin Strobl, Community
Tragestrecke und Innere Falkomaialm
Photo: Martin Strobl, Community
Photo: Martin Strobl, Community
Austragsbauer beim Ortlerhof, mit Altem Mühlrad
Photo: Martin Strobl, Community
MTB 4 Kaserfeld Weissbrunn by Uwe
September 01, 2019 · Community
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When did you do this route? August 31, 2019
Photo: Uwe Piovesan, Community
Photo: Uwe Piovesan, Community
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