Mountain biking trails in Feltre

Veneto, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Feltre. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful mountain biking trails.
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The 10 Most Beautiful mountain biking trails in Feltre

I Fondi di Vall'Onera
Mountainbiking · Grappa Group
Giro ad anello da Feltre a Cima Grappa
recommended route Difficulty difficult
69.7 km
9:30 h
2,035 m
2,035 m
Percorso in MTB che permette di raggiungere Cima Grappa da Feltre percorrendo parte della Valle di Seren e vedendo i caratteristici "fojaroi".
Croce di vetta del Monte Tomatico.
Mountainbiking · Feltre
In mountain bike da Tomo al Monte Tomatico
recommended route Difficulty moderate
19.9 km
3:30 h
1,240 m
1,240 m
Percorso ad anello in mountain bike che permette di raggiungere il Monte Tomatico nel Gruppo del Grappa.
La Val di Lamen
Mountainbiking · Feltre Dolomites
Ai piedi delle Vette Feltrine
recommended route Difficulty S2 moderate
36.2 km
5:00 h
1,101 m
1,102 m
Un giro a 360° dalla città rinascimentale ai pascoli pedemontani tra boschi di faggi e conifere, in un calmo salire fino ai piedi delle Vette Feltrine.
Mountainbiking · Italy
La Pedemontana delle Vette Feltrine
recommended route Difficulty S0 moderate
31.9 km
4:00 h
727 m
733 m
Escursione a 360° sulla pedemontana feltrina, con un occhio alle Vette Feltrine e l'altro alla Valbelluna.
Mountainbiking · Italy
Seren del grappa l cason a FOJAROI
Difficulty difficult
68.9 km
9:02 h
2,053 m
2,052 m
salita impegnativa ( su bici muscolare ) sul grappa passando dalle caratteristiche case col tetto in paglia perchè molto lunga ,ma fatta su strade forestali quindi senza difficolta tecniche
Mountainbiking · Italy
Feltre - Val di S Martino - pian dei violini
Difficulty moderate
23.5 km
2:54 h
665 m
665 m
From Feltre you enter the Val di San Martino (Vignui) you enter the Natural Park of the Belluno Dolomites (CAI path 803) to the junction between the paths 803 and 812. It then follows the latter up to the floor of the violins. Back to Vignui. From there you return to Feltre and Pedavena through Pren
Mountainbiking · Italy
La fornace - la cava - colli di Cart
Difficulty moderate
15.2 km
1:50 h
301 m
301 m
The route begins on easy road. After the furnace - the cave (private cave area) it follows a small path with quite technical parts in woodland along the Hills west for Cart. The 2nd round is even harder and follows an old and not marked path, partly in swamps and river with often need to walk
Mountainbiking · Italy
Anello Feltre - Val di Lamen
Difficulty moderate
20.5 km
3:02 h
707 m
724 m
From Feltre reach Murle, Pren and Lamen beneath Mt Pafagai. Enter the Val di Lamen on a large dirt road till the end of the valley. On the left side of the valley a smaller, steep and not well tracked (leading to Croce d'Aune Pass) crosses some roads that leads down to Norcen, Pedavena and Feltre.
Mountainbiking · Italy
E-bike Feltre - Altin - Valle di San Martino - Toschian
29.5 km
4:42 h
692 m
681 m
Da Feltre alla valle di San Martino passando per Altin.
Mountainbiking · Italy
Giro del miesna-telva-cart
33.7 km
2:09 h
591 m
586 m
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