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Merano/Meran and environs

Attractive and healthy

The mild and typically Mediterranean climate, the clean atmosphere and the extravagant bourgeois society life style. Since the time of the Hasburgs, Meran – Merano has always been one of the most popular European health resorts.

Monuments such as the “Kurhaus”, in typical Viennese architecture, with its underlying and wonderful prächtigen Kurpromenade – Passeggiata Lungo Passirio, the monument dedicated to Sissi the empress, and the town theatre Stadttheater – teatro comunale are all witness to its aristocratic traditions.

In spring, the warm climate magically transforms Meran – Merano in a colourful town showered with flowers. Promenades such as the prächtigen Kurpromenade – Passeggiata LungoPassirio and the Tappeinerweg – passeggiata Tappeiner can be found just above the medieval arcades and not far away is the botanical garden Botanische Garten auf Schloss Trauttmansdorff – Giardino Botanico di Castel Trauttmansdorff.

Up north, just under the typical farmhouses, the abode of the Tirolo Counts: Stammschloss der Grafen von Tirol – Castel Tirolo can be found. The old headquarter of the Tirol – Tirolo government has become the Landesmuseum für Kultur – Museo Provinciale; museum for the culture and history of the Tirolo territory and also offers a wonderful panoramic view, as it sits at 594 metres up high.