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Marienberg Monastery Museum

Malles (Mals)
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Marienberg Monastery Museum

Malles (Mals)

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Informationen zu Marienberg Monastery Museum

The section of the building at the northwest side of the courtyard which used to house the working areas of the monastery was renovated and opened in July 2007 as a museum display area. On 300 sq. m. (3,300 sq. ft.), visitors get a view of the basic principles of the rules of St. Benedict as practiced by the monastery and its monks. A brief survey of the monastery’s history is shown, as are selected works of art. As a sacred room, the famous crypt is now only accessible for prayer. The Romanesque frescoes of the Marienberg crypt may be seen in a film on a large screen. In that way, the portrayal of the angels, an unsurpassed highlight of local art, can be experienced by an even greater public while maintaining the protection of this historic monument. In addition, visitors have the unique opportunity to sing Vespers (the evening prayer) along with the monks in the crypt.

The museum Klostermarienberg provides insight into the 900 years history of the famous Benedictine monastery in Burgeis in Alta Val Venosta.

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