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Sentres magazine – Recipe

Zmailer Hut cheese canederli

Delicious cheese canederli at the Zmailer Hut. That´s how it should be.

Ingredients for 4 people:
about 300g canederli bread, about 250g mountain cheese, 1 small onion, 1 garlic clove, ca. 1 tbs butter, ca. 2 tbs flour, ca. 1/4 milk, parsley or chives, salt, pepper, a bit of nutmeg, butter and parmesan 

Moisten canederli bread with milk. Finely chop onions into small cubes, brown in butter and add to bread. Cut cheese into cubes and mix into the bread. Add eggs and salt, pepper and nutmeg. Add parsley and mix well. 

Add flour and make small canederli from the mixture. Boil in salted water for around 10 minutes. Gently take the canederli from the water, sprinkle parmesan and drizzle with melted butter and serve.