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Deep insights and breathtaking views - hiking tip

Larch meadows, spruce forests and mountain pines, deep insights into the Dolomites and rewarding views of the surrounding mountain world offer this day trip around the Bletterbach gorge in the South Tyrolean lowlands. It is worthwhile to reach the starting point at the visitor centre of the GEOPARC Bletterbach in Aldein by public transport: on the one hand, users of the bus receive free admission to the Bletterbach gorge every Sunday in the season 2017 on the "Day of Mobility", and on the other hand, the tour can be changed as desired so that you do not necessarily have to return to the starting point.


The hike starts at the GEOPARC Bletterbach visitor centre above Aldein and leads via the Gorzsteig (G) in the rear part of the gorge and via the Zirmersteig (12) to the summit of the Weisshorn. After the descent to the Jochgrimm pass, the hiking trail around the mountain (1) offers rewarding views of Zanggen, Latemar, Schlern and Rosengarten. Above the Neuhüttalm, follow path 5a towards "Grossnerwiesen", which offers a view of the Gorz, the valley end of the Bletterbach gorge, and a view of the Dolomites World Heritage Sites Latemar, Schlern-Rosengarten and Adamello-Brenta. Via the Kösertal, path no. 3 leads back to the starting point.


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If you don't want to return to the GEOPARC Bletterbach visitor centre, you have the possibility to hike from the Neuhüttalm or Kösertal to the Maria Weißenstein pilgrimage site and from there by bus back to Aldein or the car park at the Aldeiner Brücke. Those interested in geology can hike from the Jochgrimm Pass to Radein, visit the GEO Museum and then return by bus via Kaltenbrunn to the Aldeiner Brücke or the Unterland.


Information about the public bus line: