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Laas marble railway

Lasa (Laas)
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Laas marble railway

Lasa (Laas)

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Informationen zu Laas marble railway

The Laaser Marmorbahn moves up the mountain in a completely straight line. It can be found near the village of Laas in Vinschgau, right in the centre of the Stilfser Joch national park. This light railway transports the world-renowned Laas marble from the uphill mines down into the valley.

For a long time, simple wooden sledges and hemp ropes were used to transport the marble blocks. After the First World War, the facility was modernised to increase output. In 1929, the company Adolf Bleichert & Co started building the railway, and it was open for business within a year.

The Laaser Marmorbahn is still in its original condition, and is still in daily use. It is rated as a technical cultural heritage and is therefore also an attraction for tourists.

In total, the railway is 4 kilometres long, and the most spectacular part of it is an inclined elevator. Over a length of one kilometre it covers almost 500 altitude metres.

It has been in service for over 80 years: the Laaser Marmorbahn (marble railway) in Vinschgau. It is a railway of immense economic, technical, cultural and touristic importance.

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