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"Ice holes"

Appiano (Eppan)
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"Ice holes"

Appiano (Eppan)

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Informationen zu "Ice holes"

The villages of Eppan and Kaltern are linked by the "ice-hole trail" at the Gandberg which, due to a natural phenomenon, is popular with walkers especially in mid-summer. Eislöcher are, as their name suggests, holes in the ground from which icy winds blow.

All this is based on physics and the "windpipe principle": The area has plenty of porphyry stones and rubble. In the crevices and openings between boulders at the top of the slope warm air is sucked in which then cools down inside the mountain as is streams downwards. The air is finally released through the holes along the trail and is now markedly cooler than the surrounding temperature.

This also explains why, along this trail and over an area of around 200 by 40 meters, a number of plants are thriving which can normally only be found in high mountain ranges.

Along a trail between Eppan and Kaltern in Überetsch you will feel an icy phenomenon: "ice holes"

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