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Baronia Barbagia di Bitti e Tepilora
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Baronia Barbagia di Bitti e Tepilora

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Informationen zu IANNA ‘E PRUNA

Directly at the pass, fittingly called Janna (pass), you will find this sight, Ianna ‘e Pruna, surely one of the most beautiful of the entire Sardinia, at least regarding the monuments of this kind. It is a monumental complex, consisting of a Megaron-temple, some huts and buildings that are not yet explored sufficiently. For all those who want to visit treasures of a not so distant past: not too far from here and still inside of the archaeological site is the sacred fountain of Su Notante. The entire sight profits heavily by the landscape, rendering it extremely beautiful. Just above are the granite walls of the Monte ‘e Senes, to the south-east you can see the view, dominated by the valley of the Rio Remulis and moreover the southern Baronia and large parts of the Supramonte as well as the Gennargentu. The monuments seem to be encircled by the ridge and the granite rocks, formed by the wind. The numerous alders, similar as those in the Gennargentu far from this place, are symbolic for this area, too.

Just after having entered the archaeological site you see the Megaron-temple. It consists of an atrium, once with a bench along the walls in the semi-circular room placed just behind it. At the entrance you will find a Temenos, partly with a floor and limited by some sort of fence with an almost elliptical form. The entire construction is attributed to the early Bronze Age and the Iron Age (12th-7th century BC). It was made of granite blocks of this area, perfectly arranged. Around the temple you will find more of the structures this themed walk consists of, organised with great devotion by the organisation that runs this site. To continue the visit, you will follow the path that runs downhill through the bushes while becoming aware of more sites that have not even been dug out. Eventually, you will reach the sacred fountain Su Notante. It is located close to the Rio Remulis, easy to make out thanks to the alameda of common alders. The fountain can be assigned to a similar historical context as the even more famous fountain of Su Tempesu and of Noddule. They were built isodom and out of basalt-rocks that cannot be found in this area and hence have to be brought here for this building. The visit ends by returning to the temple and to the car but it would not be complete if you did not at least spend some time at the Antiquarium di Irgoli. This great museum offers an interesting choice of the findings of the area round Irgoli. Without doubt, this area is the richest in terms of the number and the importance of the archaeological inheritances.

A megaron-temple, a sacred fountain and a beautiful view