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Youll find yourself spoiled for choice when organizing your stay {4}. To help you, we have put together an overview of the most beautiful places to visit and attractions.
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The 10 Most Beautiful historical sites in Ticino

Gemälde von 1873 von Rudolf Koller. Die Gotthard Reisepost im Val di Tremola.
Historical Site · Gotthard Group
Val Tremola: Gotthard-Reisepost 1830 - 1882
Val Tremola ist das schicksalrechst und gefährlichst Wegstrecke der Gotthard-Reisepost. 1830-1882 Bültezeit der historische Reisepost mit Pferden über den St. Gotthard.
Historical Site · Mendrisio
Arzo quarries
In geological terms, Arzo marble, so-called by those who quarry it, is a form of breccia. This polychrome sedimentary rock originated on the sea beds of a large ocean situated between the primitive African and European continents.
Historical Site · Mendrisio
Daniello's mill in the Motta Valley
Initially equipped with two millstones for cereals and an oil mill, the Daniello's mill began operations in 1802 and expanded in 1869.
Historical Site · Bellinzona and Valleys
The ruins of the Prada's village
Prada was a village situated on the mountainside (577 meters above sea level) and constituted, together with Ravecchia, a municipality (comune) belonging to Bellinzona county (contado di Bellinzona). Inhabited since at least the late Middle Ages (the first documental reference dates 1381), it still counted 40 families (around 160-200 people) by 1583. By then, the village inhabitants had the same rights and privileges of those who lived in the borough, among which that of participating at the meetings of Bellinzona Council.
Historical Site · Mendrisio
Cement trail
The Cement trail - The history of a territory seen through the cement production.
Historical Site · Mendrisio
Ghitello's mill
The building dates back to the end of the sixteenth century and was renovated in the early 2000s.
Historical Site · Mendrisio
The Municipality of Muggio occupies a bowl-shaped area at the end of the Muggio Valley, and includes the hamlets of Scudellate, Roncapiano and Muggiasca, which all have their own schools.
Historical Site · Bellinzona and Valleys
The Fortress of Bellinzona
The fortified complex of Bellinzona is an extraordinary example of a late medieval defence structure located at a key strategic point in the Alpine landscape. The Bellinzona castles are some of the most enchanting examples of fortified medievaL'architecture of the Alps.
Historical Site · Lugano Region
Miglieglia Castle
The remains of the Miglieglia castle are on the rocky, moraine-covered spur overlooking the Magliasina gorge. Unfortunately, the remains have nota as yet been properly studied, and as a result the date of construction and its function are not clear.
Historical Site · Mendrisio
Bruzella Mill
In the charming valley carved by the river Breggia there is the Mulino di Bruzella, an ancient millstone restored and working since 1996, when it resumed its activity of grinding.
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