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To the Waidmann alpine hut past the Hochwies

Avelengo (Hafling)
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Informationen zur Tour To the Waidmann alpine hut past the Hochwies

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    140 m
  • Altitude
    140 m
  • Max. height
    2035 m
From the Piffinger Köpfl the walk goes along easy footpaths to the Waidmann alpine hut at Merano 2000


For today's hike you'll take the Merano 2000, cable car which has a capacity of 120 passengers and in about  7 minutes takes you up to almost 2000 m above sea level. From the cable car terminal at the top we set off for Piffinger Köpfl, from where there is a spectacular view: the Dolomites, the Brenta mountain range, the Ortles massif, and the Tessa range are laid out before us some near some far.
Follow the signs for the "Waidmann" alpine hut and footpath no. 18. After a short stretch you arrive at a crossroads, turn right and continue on route 18a which takes you through some woodland and crosses a stream. This is a gentle hike along a moderately steep slope. Leaving the woods behind you can see the Picco Ivigna to your left.  The summit itself is not visible given that is further in the background. After 45 minutes you reach the Kuhleitengroben.

Then you cross another stream and are faced with a short but steep climb.  At this point you are in the heart of the Merano 2000 mountain range. In winter this is a place for skiing while in summer hiking is very popular. The view over the Dolomites is particularly spectacular in the early hours of the evening. After a short climb you'll come across the Waidmann alpine hut (2,040 m, There you can stop for a rest and refreshments. There's plenty of space here for your kids to play and run around. For the return journey you can either choose to go back the way you came or you can take a slightly longer higher route, marked no. 3. This initially takes you up to the ski lift terminal, non-operational in summer, which runs in parallel to the way up. At the Piffinger Köpfl you will find the ”Alpine Bob“, the longest bobsleigh run in Italy (

Starting point

Piffinger Köpfl

Target point

Piffinger Köpfl


The terminal at the foot of the Merano cable car

Public transportation

Bus services from Merano to the terminal at the foot of the cable car.


From Merano you go along the Val di Nova and to the terminal at the foot of the Merano 2000 cable car. Car parking on the spot.

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