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Taufers Castle and the Riva (Reinbachfälle) Waterfalls

Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers)
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Informationen zur Tour Taufers Castle and the Riva (Reinbachfälle) Waterfalls

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    300 m
  • Altitude
    300 m
  • Max. height
    1062 m
Culture and nature loop hike near Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers)


From Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers) at 878 m, follow signs that say “Schloss Taufers” over a covered wooden bridge, crossing over to the opposite side of the Aurina (Ahr) River. Continue through steep slopes along the access trail to the castle; in about 20 minutes, you’ll reach Taufers Castle (950 m; tours). Then follow Trail No. 2A, first along a wide road to the castle café then nearly flat through meadows and past a farm, until you reach a fork. From there, follow trail markings (No. 10/2A) along the paved road to the edge of a meadow below a farm, crossing to a little road, where you’ll turn left, heading slightly downhill almost to Reintalstraße Street. Just before you come to this road, though, turn left onto a footpath and follow it past a farm, more or less flat, until you reach Toblhof Inn (about an hour from Taufers Castle; about 1.5 hours from the starting point). From that point on, it’s a good trail through the woods over to the crossroads, where you turn left onto the Franziskusweg Trail; after about 10 minutes uphill, you’ll come to the ruins of Kofelburg Castle and a chapel (1,172 m). Head back down to the crossroads, and take the stairs down to the bridge over the gorge (to the left: a huge waterfall) and follow a good trail through the forest down to two other waterfalls. From there, take the broad forest road out to the houses of Winkel (862 m) and then follow the causeway of the Aurina River back to the starting point.

Starting point

Parking area in Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers)

Target point

Parking area in Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers)


Family-friendly mountain hike


Parking area in Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers)

Public transportation

Bus from Bruneck to Campo Tures (Taufers) in Valle Aurina (Ahrntal) Valley.


From Brunico (Bruneck) in Valle Aurina (Ahrntal) to Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers).

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Raimund Kompatscher

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  • Avatar of sentres redaktion

    sentres redaktion

    Più a nord c'è una piccola strada asfaltata che conduce direttamente al Castel Tures. Qui c’è un parcheggio, dal quale si può passeggiare fino al "Burgcafè" percorrendo una strada sterrata abbastanza comoda. Un altro giro molto bello è il sentiero che da Cantuccio, vicino a Campo di Tures, conduce alle Cascate di Riva. Non tutto il sentiero è percorribile con il passeggino, il primo pezzo del percorso, comunque, viene effettuato su strada forestale.

  • Dummy Avatar

    laura clivio

  • Dummy Avatar

    laura clivio

    sapreste dirmi se esiste un percorso alternativo da poter fare con il passeggino? o fino a che punto si può andare?grazie

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