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From the village of Trodena (Truden) to the Malga Cislon mountain hut

Trodena (Truden)
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Informationen zur Tour From the village of Trodena (Truden) to the Malga Cislon mountain hut

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:45 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    320 m
  • Altitude
    320 m
  • Max. height
    1430 m
A relaxing walk in the Parco Naturale del Monte Corno (Trudner Horn) nature park


To get to Trodena (Truden), take the street from Ora (Auer) or Egna (Neumarkt) passing Montagna (Montan) and Fontanafredda (Kaltenbrunn). From Trodena (1,127m), follow Trail No. 1, initially a tarred/paved road, turn left on a well-marked forest path and continue up a flat, sometimes slight, grade  to the meadows of the Malga Zisloner (Cisloner Alm) alpine pasture and to the restaurant (1,251 m); 1 hour from Trodena. Recommended descent: Take Trail No. 3, starting off north of the huts, through the forest and through a larch meadow up to the intersection with Trail No. 2. Follow it to the right, and continue along this path, which is almost flat,  through the woods and past the first junction, a nice easy walk, until you reach another crossroad with the Jägerkreuz (lit: hunter’s cross) at 1,383 metres. Follow the easier trail (No. 2) or opt for the steeper choice, Trail No. 3, down to Trodena; around 2 hours from the pasture.

Starting point

Trodena (Truden)

Target point

Trodena (Truden)


Parking area in the village of Troden (Truden)

Public transportation

From Bolzano (Bozen) go by bus (recommended) or train to Ora (Auer). Continue by bus to Trodena (Truden). There are multiple daily connections.


From Ora (Auer) or Egna (Neumarkt) in direction of Val di Fiemme (Fleimstal) Valley, then turn right to Troden (Truden).

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Hannes Riegler

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