• Hiking in the Kirchberg Valley in Ulten / South Tyrol
    Hiking in the Kirchberg Valley in Ulten / South Tyrol Photo: Wilfried Santer, @wsanter / unsplash.com

Hikes in Ulten

South Tyrol, Italy

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The municipality of Ulten is spread over several villages in the Ulten Valley in South Tyrol. Around the villages, the three-thousand-meter peaks of the Ulten mountains tower majestically. Between the high peaks and the reservoirs in the valley, there are wonderful hiking destinations to discover in Ulten. On the hiking tours you will find one or the other hut where you will be provided with regional products.
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The 10 most beautiful hikes in Ulten

Die knorrigen, von Wind und Wetter gezeichneten Ultner Urlärchen zählen zu den ältesten Nadelbäumen Europas und zum UNESCO-Weltnaturerbe. Der Wuchtigste der drei Baumriesen misst 8 Meter im Umfang.
Hiking trail
Zu den Ultner Urlärchen mit Kindern
recommended route Difficulty moderate
10.4 km
4:30 h
350 m
350 m
Sehr lohnende und abwehslungsreiche, wenn auch etwas längere und somit für Familien mit schon etwas größeren Kindern zu empfehlende Rundwanderung über den Ultner Höfeweg zu den imposanten Ultner Urlärchen und zum Klapfberg-Wasserfall.
Der Langsee, der auf etwa 2.350 Metern sanft eingebettet in Bergwiesen liegt, gehört zur Weißbrunner Seenplatte und ist Teil des Quellgebietes der Falschauer.
Hiking trail · Ulten
Zum Langsee in Ulten
recommended route Difficulty moderate
10 km
4:00 h
500 m
500 m
Sehr lohnende, vor allem auch für Familien mit Kindern sehr aufregende Seenwanderung zur Weißbrunner Seenplatte, die im hinteren Ultental unzählige Spielmöglichkeiten am Wasser für die kleinen Naturfreunde bereithält.
Ruhig undidyllisch - das Ultental
Hiking trail · Ortler Group
Der Ultner Höfeweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
17.5 km
4:50 h
380 m
380 m
Der Ultner Höfeweg ist die ideale Familienwanderung. Der Weg verläuft fast eben in der Talsohle und kann immer wieder abgekürzt werden.
Blick über das Flatschbergtal
Hiking trail · Meraner Land
Schusterhüttl and Kaserfeld Alm
Premium content Difficulty moderate
10.2 km
4:00 h
575 m
575 m
Sunny panoramic hike in the innermost Ulten Valley with original places to stop for refreshments.
Panorama vom Hochjoch
Hiking trail · Meraner Land
Hochjochrunde hoch über dem Ultental
recommended route Difficulty moderate
12.5 km
4:37 h
923 m
923 m
Familienfreundliche Wanderung mit erträglicher Höhenmeterzahl hoch über dem Ultental. Alternativ kann man die zusätzlichen Höhenmeter zum Peilstein noch mitnehmen, was aber für Familien dann schon ordentlich ist. Als Belohnung laden die Innere Falkomai-Alm und die Mariolberger Alm im Abstieg zur Rast ein. Die Tour bietet tolle Ausblicke über das komplette idyllische Ultental sowie die Sarntaler Alpen und die Dolomiten.
Der Bauboom ist hier zum Glück noch nicht angelangt
Hiking trail · Ortler Group
Von Alm zu Alm
recommended route Difficulty moderate
16.2 km
5:00 h
530 m
1,540 m
Von der Außerschwemm [Alm] über die Kuppelwieser Alm zum Zoggler-Stausee
Hiking trail · Meraner Land
Familienrundwanderweg Schwemmalm
Premium content Difficulty easy
3.9 km
1:10 h
107 m
108 m
Familienrundwanderung mit ca. 110 Höhenmetern zur Schwemmalm.
Hiking trail · Meraner Land
Die Fiechtalm im hintersten Ultental
Premium content Difficulty moderate
6.6 km
2:00 h
200 m
200 m
Wanderung mit ca. 200 Höhenmetern zur Fiechtalm im hintersten Ultental.
Der Zoggler Stausee
Hiking trail · Ortler Group
Der Seeweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
10.8 km
3:00 h
320 m
320 m
Wanderung rund um den Zoggler-Stausee
den Schrummsee umwandern
Hiking trail · Meraner Land
Schrummseen & Stübelespitze
recommended route Difficulty moderate
19.5 km
6:30 h
1,310 m
1,312 m
Hinein ins Klapfbergtal, hinauf zu den Schrummseen mit Ersteigung des Stübele
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Three Alms Hike

The municipality of Ulten holds a true hiker's paradise among forests, meadows, alpine pastures and mountains. The green landscape is adorned by sun-baked, traditional farms, lovingly covered with shingles.

A beautiful hike begins at the Zoggler reservoir and leads on easily accessible forest paths to the Holzschlag Alm. On shady forest paths it continues to the Pfandlalm. Through rustic forests, past watercourses, the hiking trails wind their way to the Spitzner Alm. From there you can enjoy an outstanding panorama over the Arzkarsee, a reservoir in the middle of the Ulten mountains. All kinds of regional delicacies await you at the alp.

Hiking trail · Meraner Land
Premium content Difficulty moderate
Distance 12.1 km
Duration 4:52 h
Ascent 867 m
Descent 867 m

Leisurely circular alpine hike high above St. Walburg, leading from the dam of the Zoggler reservoir via the Holzschlag Alm (1572 m), the Spitzner ...

Tappeiner Verlag

Haselgruber Lakes and Rabbi Yoch

Numerous hiking tours lead to the Haselgruber Lakes and Rabbi Joch. These hikes don't enjoy great popularity for nothing: The paths are steep, but mostly paved. In addition, you can take a break in numerous huts along the way and enjoy the view over the valley. The deep blue Haselgruber Lake invites you to pause. Numerous hikers and mountain bikers take a break there to enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Hiking on the Schwemmalm

Numerous hiking trails start at the mountain station of the Schwemmalm. Families with children should opt for the Schwemmalm circular trail. It reveals a magnificent panoramic view and leads along the forest border. A good physical condition is not required for this route. With a length of just under four kilometers, this is one of the most popular hikes for families or those who are not so good on foot.

For those who prefer to stay down in the valley, the Ultner Höfeweg explores the quaint farms around St. Nikolaus and the ancient larches that are up to 2000 years old. The hike is ideally suited for families with children and can be shortened in many places.

Excursion to St. Walburg

In St. Walburg is the seat of the municipality of Ulten, where you can get a lot of touristic information. From the village you have an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains and the Zoggler reservoir. On a hot summer day you can visit the cool parish church or refresh yourself in the outdoor swimming pool with a view of the Peilstein and Ultner Hochwart. The town is a central starting point for hiking tours. You should not miss the following hikes:
  • Ultner Talweg: circular trail with a length of 24 kilometers, leads through the forest and reveals views of numerous lakes.
  • Seerunde in St. Walburg: view of the reservoir during the entire hiking route
  • Schusterhüttl round from Sankt Gertraud: Offers impressive views into the valley and challenging hiking trails
  • Aussichtspunktrunde: Offers a play of colors at the Fischersee lake in the sunshine and invites you to hike with the whole family


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