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Toddeitto ring

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Informationen zur Tour Toddeitto ring

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    90 m
  • Altitude
    90 m
  • Max. height
    351 m
A few steps from Cala Gonone, on a plateau that bears the sign of time


Parked near the structures, turn back (east) on the paved road for a few tens of meters. You will see a dirt road that comes from the left, in the direction of Mount Tului, recognizable by the summit antenna. A downhill path begins opposite the point where the unpaved road reaches the asphalt – on the right side of the road, among large junipers and on gravelly ground. Continue downhill through banks of fossiliferous rocks until you reach the banks of the Codula Fuili. Go uphill towards the mountain (right) for about 50 m, and you will see a large mule track of charcoal makers on the opposite bank. Take it uphill, and after a few steps you will reach an area of basaltic rock with beautiful views of the Codula below. As soon as the slope falls on the left, you reach an open space – a landmark in the area – from which you will see a clearing among the trees. A path leads to a well dug into the basalt, while from here a thin track – invaded by vegetation – leads to the field below. Here the wheat was grown until a few decades ago, and there is a beautiful threshing yard – unique of its kind-, which alone is worth a visit. Walk back to the clearing continuing towards the sea for a few meters. With difficulty, on the right, you will see a path uphill among the rocks. Take it, reaching a rocky hillock with a splendid view of Cala Gonone and the Gulf. You will then reach the mandra – a goats enclosure – called Cuile Toddeitto. On the upstream side, half-hidden by vegetation, there is the cave of the same name. We continue on the path, among big lentisches, until we reach the splendidly man-made hut of Cuile Toddeitto. We return to the mandra to take a thin downhill path towards the north. This soon reaches another hut, this time semi-destroyed. It is bordered by a well-marked path on the left, between the junipers, and this takes you back to the open space from which you had started to visit the well and the Cuile. From here to the cars the path is known.

Starting point

Cumbida Prantas

Target point

Cumbida Prantas


Facilities at Cumbida Prantas

Public transportation

Bus to Cala Gonone


From the village of Cala Gonone take the paved road for Dorgali. After about 1 km you will find the detour for the paved road that leads in the direction of the archaeological site of Nuraghe Mannu (signposted). Take this detour following the main paved road for just over 3 kilometres, and you will spot on your right some concrete and limestone structures - near which you can park.

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