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Third leg of Selvaggio Blu - From Portu Cuau to Cala Goloritzè

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Informationen zur Tour Third leg of Selvaggio Blu - From Portu Cuau to Cala Goloritzè

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    550 m
  • Altitude
    550 m
  • Max. height
    477 m
Priceless views of the sea to reach one of the jewels of the Mediterranean


From Portu Porr'e Campu (Portu Pedrosu) you go uphill along a small stream. Then you will see a large mule track on the right – take it. After a few hundred meters on an easy path you can see the inlet of Portu Cuau. Here you will start your descent. From the large coal yard of Portu Cuau go up on the north bank of the river, on the ruins of a mule track of charcoal burners. Then resume the journey keeping up high, heading north. In rapid succession, cross two creeks on a relatively beaten path. You will finally reach furrowed fields on the bank of the deep Bacu Sonnuli valley, which blocks the path in a northeasterly direction. Along the edge of the walls, carefully look for an opening that allows to go downhill towards the valley and take a long ledge. Without great variations in altitude, this ledge climbs it internally towards the south-west, until it reaches the fossil shore. Climb up the pebbly river bank for a few dozen metres, skirting a yellowish grotto with ancient signs and spotting a stony gully on the right, marked by a large holm oak. Climb up the gully and head north again along a narrow path through the junipers – until you reach the beautiful hut of Coile Fenus Trainus. Proceed leaving the Coile behind, gently descending into the arbutus that covers the valley of Giroe Onana and continuing north – northeast. Then you will reach yet another creek, go beyond it by immediately starting a steep ascent through furrowed fields with beautiful views to the north of the Gulf of Orosei. The steep ascent ends at the Coile Hut on Runcu 'and Su Pressu, from where a path quickly continues to a wide saddle to the north. With a detour of about 15 minutes, you can go from the saddle to the most interesting scenic point of the entire Selvaggio Blu in the area of Punta Salinas, always to the north. Returning to the saddle, this time turn left (west) and then right, skirting the ridge and arriving in sight of the beautiful hut of Coile Salinas, nestled in a grotto in extraordinary landscape. Take the steep scree at the foot of the hut – or, alternatively, a winding path a little further upstream. Both descend suddenly towards the underlying wooded Bacu Linnalbu, a valley at the bottom of the descent. Here you will take a large mule track westward that finally leads to the shores of the parallel Bacu Goloritzè. A great path leads downhill to the famous cove of the same name, at the foot of the famous Aguglia, a popular destination for climbers from all over the world. Go back a few dozen meters to make camp under a whitish grotto, near some wooden tables.

Starting point

Portu Cuau

Target point

Cala Goloritzè


Public transportation


Through the second leg of the Selvaggio Blu or by sea to Portu Cuau

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