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The castle of Sa Paulazza

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Informationen zur Tour The castle of Sa Paulazza

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    110 m
  • Altitude
    110 m
  • Max. height
    207 m
On an isolated peak, the legendary monument


Next to the numerous archaeological testimonies of Olbia is Sa Paulazza, taking a very special place. The castle was most likely built when Sardinia was under the reign of the Byzantium, therefore before the Central Middle Ages, and is located on an isolated hill, named Monte a Telti. Both the panorama and the beauty of the building itself renders this place very special. The hike starts on a field, enclosed by a fence. The two eastern towers of the castle dominate the area from above, mostly covered by the forest of olive trees. You keep to the left and take the hollow to the left of the castle as a reference point, walking towards it. You keep right of a small amassment of natural stones and leave the rest of the quarry behind. You come next to a small wall, possibly a sort of terrace, and keep the castle to your right and the hollow just in front. Here you have to look for a narrow path through the shrubbery. It consists largely of myrtle-bushes and large olive trees. The path goes pleasantly through the granite tafone-rocks and over the small clearings. Some of them are easily recognisable as old repositories for the coal workers and the entire zone offers many testimonies for the past usage of this area. The path turns slowly to the right, initially slightly uphill and later steeper and steeper. The stone men and the cuts on the trees allow easy progress and yet you should be careful not to lose the track. After reaching the desired height you will finally also reach the remains of the castle. A largely dilapidated wall closes the access from the side. You climb the wall to enter a breach and you will find yourself on an open space, allowing the imagination of the antique structures of the past that have left no evidence of themselves. This is the location of one of the gates, the southern one, still recognizable in the ruins. A partly dug in supporting pillar remains as evidence. To the right you follow the massive wall, plastered with chalk. You can only imagine the thickness of the wall walks and all you can do is wonder about the smartness necessary for such a perfectly built structure, adjusted ideally to the mountain. You can now go to the southern tower with its rectangular layout. This is the best conserved of the complex, taking into account that the castle used to have at least three towers, reaching to the high granite peaks above. From the tower you can enjoy the view over the valley and it gets even better if you continue along the wall to the left. By passing the completely intact eastern gate you can reach the north-eastern tower with its partly collapsed wall. At this point you have an extraordinary view of Olbia and its crown of granite peaks. You can also see the golf and Tavolara. Accordingly impressive are, next to the beautiful scene that presents itself, the massive olive trees and the breeze of the centuries that flies from the rocks of the castle. Inside of the structure and almost covered by the tower is another building, mostly interpreted as a cistern. You go back to the southern gate from which you came here and find a path that rises onto a hill and thereby the highest and most eastern point of the castle. This part is considered to be the most difficult one and the path makes its way through the granite rocks, allowing you to reach the peaks of the Monte a Telti. Here you can rediscover the last structures of a building that was inhabited in pre- and protohistoric times. The way back to the car follows the already known paths.

Starting point

Sa Paulazza

Target point

Caste of Sa Paulazza


Space next to the gravelled road

Public transportation

Bus with stop on demand near the SS 127


From Olbia you follow the SS 127 in the direction of Telti – Tempo and turn left after a couple kilometres onto the via Monte a Telti. Along this country road you drive to a curve with the junction for the via Serra Alveghes, also via della Padulaccia, to the left. You drive along the forest road in mediocre constitution and follow it for a kilometre. Through the shrubbery you reach a parking area on the left side of the road next to two large open fields. Just above you can see the towers and the castle and the silhouette of the Monte a Telti.


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