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S'Istrada Longa

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Informationen zur Tour S'Istrada Longa

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    640 m
  • Altitude
    650 m
  • Max. height
    903 m
A monumental arch and an exposed path on a large wall in the heart of the area of Baunei


From the clearing of Sister Loriscadorgiu, take a little path on the southern side of the plateau, passing next to chepherds' buindings. Then continue eastwards, until you clearly identify a path that leads downhill on the pebbly river bank of the Bacu Urutzò below. You will reach it, discovering a path that winds its way through charcoal kilns and a thick wood of junipers. When the gully begins to set into the valley, go over a rocky jump with the help of a juniper staircase. Then walk on along the bottom of the valley where some large yew trees grow. The environment is wild and primordial. A few steps further and on the right, on the walls of the crag known as Su Runcu 'e Coa, there is an arch of monumental rock – S'Arcada Manna di Bacu s'Orruargiu. The impressive hole is more than 90 metres high and large yew trees live at its base. It is difficult to gauge the proportions of the place if you do not take a person as a reference at the foot of the natural monument. Continue along the valley floor, in the area called Bacu s'Orruargiu, descending among large boulders. Then, when the slope falls, you will reach a high, impassable rocky outcrop. You have reached an area called Su Marinau. Now go back a hundred meters, and on your left (hydrographic right side, east) you will see a steep scree with signs of passage. Climb it, and move to the right on a ledge just before the large walls above. Take the ledge that from this point on is known as S'istrada longa. Near a high rocky edge, the passage narrows to a few centimetres. Although it is not so hard to progress, the boldness and exposure of this shepherds' path have made this stretch of the path infamous. Continue along the ledge, now on rocky steps, now on wide wooded hillocks. In the largest of these are two very large cave entrances. Another stretch in ledge, then through exposed passages in slight descent up to Bacu Addas river bank – at the point where it slopes precipitously towards s’unglone, the rocky circus below. A plaque reminds us that the last part of the passage was opened and made stronger by the use of juniper trunks by the Carta family. This was done so they could take their pigs right to the large tree-lined hillock dominated by caves, where there is a large quantity of wild garlic – of which pigs are greedy. You start to climb up Bacu Addas, always keeping to the bottom of the valley and to the right at the only watersmeet you see. Gradually leave the wood, constantly climbing up on the remains of a mule track, while the surrounding walls slowly lose their grandeur. At 835 m you will see a watersmeet on the right (north). Take the path that follows its bottom, continuing uphill in the north direction, until you reach the clearing of S. Loriscadorgiu.

Starting point

Su Loriscadorgiu

Target point

Su Loriscadorgiu


Clearing of Su Loriscadorgiu

Public transportation

Bus to Baunei or Urzulei - stop near Genna 'e Salbene


From Baunei continue by car on ss 125 in the direction of Dorgali - up to km 169+550 in Genna 'e Salbene. Take the dirt road to the right (Northeast, signs for "Trekking Margine"), towards the plain of Otzio. Continue along the main dirt road, avoiding minor deviations. Go past the Ovile Carta, a reference point for hikers in the area, located at the foot of the Nuraghe Pedru Saccu. Then carry on travelling on the main road until you reach a clear junction to "Y" (km 6 + 970 from the junction on the SS 125). Take the dirt road on the right (northeast), up to a clearing where you can leave the car, being careful not to hinder the passage of the shepherds' vehicles and livestock.

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