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Second leg of Selvaggio Blu - From Coile Us Piggius to Portu Cuau

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Informationen zur Tour Second leg of Selvaggio Blu - From Coile Us Piggius to Portu Cuau

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    280 m
  • Altitude
    920 m
  • Max. height
    754 m
Through furrowed fields, overhanging the sea, until you reach a beautiful inlet


From the clearing of Coile Us Piggius you reach a dirt road that you must follow northwards for a few hundred meters. On your right you will clearly spot a parallel path, signposted by a passage and by (now faded) blue signs. Take it, passing a small stream under large holm oaks, then continue east-north on furrowed fields and trail tracks in the direction of the sea. You will then arrive at a vertiginous terrace over the Forrola area and the walls of Monte Ginnircu. Now bend inwards into a barely visible creek inside the Coile Combidaboes area. Go back in the direction of the sea, ignoring the signs and following a path opened by the hunters that goes around a small hill. Now head north with beautiful views of the front, triangular Runcu Sa Coggina, which you will head towards after you spotted a mule track on the left of an impervious stream. The mule track ends up near the ruins of Coile S'Enna 'e s'Orgiola, recognizable by the remains of a small house and a large stone fence. Continue keeping to the left of the abovementioned peak, towards a ridge in which there is a long fence with a small door. After this you cross a long ledge on the sea, finally reaching a second fence. The track leads to the left and then to the head of an impervious gravelly gully – Girove 'e Sisiera. Descend the gully, invaded by strawberry trees, keeping to the right. First you will walk under the wall, then past a massive terebinth tree, skirting the edge of the cliffs that fall down for hundreds of meters, with its extraordinary views. At the end of the canal, near the precipice, you go around the end to climb up to the (hydrographic) left and come out the same way on easy rocks. Then continue on to furrowed fields and still on the edge of the cliffs, about three hundred meters overlooking the sea. You must stick to the the track, with difficulty – on difficult and uncomfortable furrowed fields – until you enter a small canal that flows perpendicularly into the great canyon of Bacu Tenadili, standing imperious across your path. On easy rocks you arrive at an imposing starcaise made of juniper trunks, climbing it down carefully – thus you will reach the bottom of the valley. Climb it for about thirty meters, and then start a steep climb on the opposite bank until you find a greyish wall with clear signs of passage. Climb up the wall (III, better with a rope), finding a ledge that you will follow to the right. Then, with another climb, you finally leave the canyon under a large olive grove. Proceed to the right, downhill – amidst large junipers-, following a track that initially runs parallel to the cliffs and then departs from them. It will take you into the interior where you will see (not drinkable) rainwater tanks in the Giòltine area. Continue beyond the tanks, following again a good path that soon leads to the beautiful inlet of Portu Porru 'e Campu, also known as Portu Pedrosu. Here you can make camp.

Starting point

Coile Us Piggius

Target point

Portu Cuau



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Through the first leg of Selvaggio Blu

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