• Hiking in Ritten with breathtaking panoramic views.
    Hiking in Ritten with breathtaking panoramic views. Photo: Karsten Würth, @karsten_wuerth / unsplash.com

Hikes in Ritten

South Tyrol, Italy

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300 kilometers of hiking trails, 300 days of sunshine a year and a central location in the middle of South Tyrol make Ritten the perfect destination for hikers. The municipality of Ritten on the high plateau of the same name above Bolzano offers you a unique panorama. Whether a leisurely walk or a challenging mountain tour, hiking in Ritten is an unforgettable experience.
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The 10 Most Beautiful hikes in Ritten

Die Oberbozner Erdpyramiden, die südlich der Rittner Ortschaft aus dem Katzenbachgraben ragen, gelten mit den anderen Rittner Erdpyramiden in Lengmoos und Unterinn als die formschönsten und ausgeprägtesten Erdpyramiden Europas.
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
Die Oberbozner Erdpyramiden am Ritten
recommended route Difficulty easy
5.6 km
2:00 h
200 m
200 m
Einfache, auch für Kinder geeignete und sehr spannende Rundwanderung zu den faszinierenden Rittner Erdpyramiden bei Oberbozen und über die bekannte und malerische Sommerfrischsiedlung Maria Himmelfahrt zurück.
Mit Ausblick nach Bozen
Hiking trail · Sarntal Alps
Von Bozen nach Oberbozen
recommended route Difficulty easy
8.4 km
3:30 h
965 m
49 m
Aussichtsreiche Wanderung auf das Rittner Hochplateau mit Besuch des Hörtenberger Kreuzes
Rückblick auf Schloss Runkelstein
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
Via the Oswald Promenade to Runkelstein Castle
Premium content Difficulty easy
8.2 km
2:25 h
284 m
284 m
Round tour via the Oswald Promenade through the romantic landscape high above Bolzano with a visit to Runkelstein Castle
Das Naturdenkmal der Unterinner Erdpyramiden, die etwas östlich der Rittner Ortschaft aus dem Gasterergraben gewaschen wurden, zählen zusammen mit den anderen Rittner Pyramiden als die höchsten und formschönsten Erdpyramiden Europas.
Hiking trail · Ritten
Zu den Erdpyramiden von Unterinn am Ritten
recommended route Difficulty moderate
8.3 km
3:00 h
260 m
260 m
Sehr lohnende, auch für Familien mit Kindern gut zu bewältigende Wanderung von der Rittner Ortschaft Unterinn aus auf dem bekannten Keschtnweg hinein zu den Unterinner Erdpyramiden im Gasterergraben und oberhalb der spektakulär auf einem Felsvorsprung thronenden Burgruine Stein (Abstecher möglich) weiter zu den Höfen der Siffianer Leitach.
Der Schmaleichner Hof am Keschtnweg
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
Rittner Höfewanderung von Lengstein nach Unterinn
recommended route Difficulty moderate
9.7 km
3:30 h
337 m
390 m
Diese Wanderung führt uns über den Keschtnweg, stets an Höfen vorbei, und eignet sich auch für Familien mit gehgewohnten Kindern.
Herbstlicher Blick auf die Trostburg und das Eisacktal
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
On Kaiserweg between Atzwang and Kollmann
Premium content Difficulty moderate
9.9 km
3:30 h
500 m
390 m
From Atzwang to Antlas, on the Keschtnweg to Rotwand and on the Kirchsteig to Kollmann.
Blick zurück auf den Johanniskofel
Hiking trail · Sarntal Alps
Von Oberbozen über Wangen in die Sarner Schlucht
recommended route Difficulty moderate
9.4 km
3:30 h
278 m
1,023 m
Diese abwechslungsreiche Wanderung führt uns in weniger begangene Gebiete am Ritten und endet recht spektakulär in der Sarner Schlucht.
Hofer-Hof in Mittelberg mit dem Schlernmasssiv im Hintergrund
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
To the St. Verena Church
Premium content Difficulty moderate
16.5 km
5:30 h
698 m
698 m
Hike on the Ritten to the earth pyramids and the little church of St. Verena
Signater Aussicht
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
Von Klobenstein über Signat nach Unterinn
recommended route Difficulty moderate
12.7 km
3:50 h
223 m
499 m
Abwechslungsreiche Wanderung von Klobenstein zum beliebten Wolfsgruben-See und weiter zur Signater Aussicht. Das letzte Teilstück verläuft über den Keschtnweg und den Signater Kirchsteig.
Nun lässt sich auch der Rosengarten sehen.
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
Summer fresh air tour from Bolzano to Ritten
Premium content Difficulty difficult
10.4 km
4:00 h
1,070 m
115 m
From Rentsch über St. Justina to Signat and über the Keschtn and Sommerfrischweg to Oberbozen, with a detour to the little church of St. Jakob.
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Sigmund Freud Promenade

"Divinely beautiful and comfortable" is what Sigmund Freud called the Ritten, and a leisurely hike along the promenade named after him shows that he was right. From the mountain station of the Ritten cable car, the path goes to the entrance of Oberbozen, then past summer resorts along a shady forest path to Lichtenstern and on to the beautiful Viehweider farm. The hike ends at the station of the narrow-gauge railroad in Klobenstein, where you will pass many benches decorated with quotes and photos.
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
Freud Promenade
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 7 km
Duration 1:14 h
Ascent 123 m
Descent 151 m


Rittner Horn cable car

In just 50 minutes, the Rittner Horn cable car takes you from the provincial capital of Bolzano to the summit of the Rittnerhorn mountain in summer and winter. Already during the ride you have a great view of the Schlern, the Rosengarten and other mountains of the South Tyrolean Dolomites. Once you reach the summit, you will have a magnificent 360° view of the mountains of South Tyrol. From the Rittner Horn you can undertake numerous hikes of all levels of difficulty.

Even without ascending the cable car, there are many beautiful paths below the Rittner Horn, for example to the village of Gissmann or to Oberinn. In Gissmann you can also stop at the mountain inn Roaner. But also on all other hiking tours huts and inns provide you with traditional South Tyrolean delicacies, so that you can enjoy the hours in the open air.

The earth pyramids on the Ritten

Earth pyramids are a geological peculiarity. They are formed when sand-like rock softens during rain and is washed away. In places where a boulder protects the rock, a pyramid-shaped structure with capstone remains. A collection of such earth pyramids forms a bizarre landscape. Hikes below Oberbozen, near Lengmoos and near Unterinn will lead you to this rare natural spectacle. The largest and most beautiful pyramids have formed over a period of up to thousands of years.
Hiking trail · Bolzano and environs
Die Oberbozner Erdpyramiden am Ritten
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 5.6 km
Duration 2:00 h
Ascent 200 m
Descent 200 m

Einfache, auch für Kinder geeignete und sehr spannende Rundwanderung zu den faszinierenden Rittner Erdpyramiden bei Oberbozen und über die ...

from Ralf Pechlaner,   alpenvereinaktiv.com

Hiking tours at different altitudes

Hiking in Ritten is particularly attractive because of the different altitudes. The area ranges from 500 to 2,000 meters and the Mediterranean climate gives you varied hiking tours. Above Bolzano you will pass through a beautiful landscape with vineyards, which further up change into apple orchards and cattle farming and at the very top into alpine farming and forest landscapes.

Other places of interest in Ritten:

  • Bee museum: in the 600 year old Plattner Hof in Wolfgruben a bee museum has been created. It contains the most extensive collection on the subject of beekeepers and bees in South Tyrol.
  • Deutschordenskommende: in the Middle Ages there was a hospice of the Teutonic Order on the Ritten plateau, today you will find a cultural center with varied events here.
  • Schwarhof Winery: 450 meters above sea level, biodynamic viticulture is practiced here, which means that many different plants and herbs are used among the vines. Hiking trails lead through the area. When you visit you can taste the wine in the Sky Wine Pavillion and enjoy the unique panorama over Bolzano.
  • Village Gissmann: the most remote village on the Ritten can be reached via beautiful hiking trails, in the Roaner Hof inn you can have a snack after the hikes.


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