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Punta Salinas

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Informationen zur Tour Punta Salinas

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    550 m
  • Altitude
    550 m
  • Max. height
    494 m
A hike through old sheepfolds towards one of the most extraordinary terraces on the Gulf of Orosei


From the car park in Su Porteddu follow the signs for Cala Goloritzé, beginning a gradual ascent on a clearly visible path. The track crosses over in Genna'e Pisu, then to the right in altitude or slight descent – with a view that opens towards the sea. At about 464 metres you have to pay attention to a barely visible detour. At the point where the path goes up and down again immediately, you will be near a clear vein of calcite on the ground and a dry stone wall. Here turn right onto a narrow uphill path, and immediately after you will see the ruins of Coile Sorosoltai, with a semi-destroyed hut and the goat fence sheltered by natural caves. Continue uphill, cutting through the next creek in between the mastic trees and a carob tree. Walk up to a little path that cuts across high on the right ridge of Bacu Goloritzè – which is on a downhill slope. The track stays mostly at altitude, reaching the Coile Assas Altas – of which the hut remains. From the sheepfold, go back about ten metres and climb up the rocky ridge towards the mountain (east – south-east), recovering a little path which slightly descends toward the bottom of the Linnalbu Bacu – the gully which is now very close. Walk to the bottom of the creek, cut across by remnants of a dirt track ruined by water – at 451m high. Here, exactly in front of the point where you reached the gully, you will see another path that climbs steeply on stony ground, to then go downhill near Genna'e Mudregu. Then turn left along a path that winds along the edge of the ridge, at high altitude or slightly downhill. You reach another sheepfold, i.e. Coile Su Runcu'e su Pressu, with its beautiful large hut and the unfortunately ruined goat pens not far away. Leave the hut on your right and take a steep downhill path that passes not far from the ridge line, heading north-northwest towards the sea. You will eventually reach a small saddle where you meet a junction. Keep on your steps, among large junipers, taking a track that descends slightly in altitude, sometimes squeezed in between trees. This slender path suddenly stops at a terrace with extraordinary views of the Gulf of Orosei and the underlying Goloritzé Cove. Indeed, you have reached the famous balcony of Punta Salinas. After a long panoramic stop, you return on your own steps up to the saddle with the fork, this time taking a westward direction (right in the direction of travel). Then go back to the (hydrographic) right side of the Bacu Linnalbu. A little path on the right leads to the splendid Coile Salinas, built in a cave in a vertiginous position. From here, either take down the steep scree leading to Bacu Linnalbu or, alternatively, go back along the path for a better descent (recommended). Once reached the bottom of the creek below, you will find a large mule track at 255m high, which detaches from it on the left. It eventually joins Bacu Linnalbu with Bacu Goloritzé. Here you can quickly reach the large mule track left behind in the morning – but at a higher altitude. From here you can go to Cala Goloritzé on the right, while on the left you quickly climb up to Su Porteddu and then to the starting point.

Starting point

Su Porteddu parking lot

Target point

Su Porteddu parking lot


Su Porteddu parking lot

Public transportation

Public bus service to Baunei


From Baunei follow the signs for the Golgo plateau by car. Continue on the paved road for about 12 km. Near the point where the paved road becomes unpaved, turn right and follow the signs for Cala Goloritzé - Punta Caroddi. Go past the area of As Piscinas, where you can find very impressive, natural pools on the basalt, up to the parking lot of Su Porteddu. Here you can leave the car (for a fee in the months from April to October).

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