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Portu Mudaloru - Coile Piddi

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Informationen zur Tour Portu Mudaloru - Coile Piddi

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    470 m
  • Altitude
    180 m
  • Max. height
    385 m
The most difficult leg, with technical tracks and incredible sceneries


From the coal yard overlooking Portu Mudaloru, go up a steep landslide on the north side of the bacu of the same name up to about 150 meters. There, on the right towards the sea, you will spot a slender rocky ledge at the foot of the long edge closing the valley towards the sea (reference point is a yellowish cave between large olive trees). Take the ledge, coming out shortly into a gravelly area with views of the inlet below and the walls facing it. Proceed on the identified path (sporadic blue signs in paint), keeping at high altitude or with slight variations. Cut across the slopes, until you reach a large cave with signs of a makeshift camp. The track goes down slightly and you get to an anchor ssytem (17 m) that – with a small abseil  allows to descend at the foot of a reddish small wall. The route continues northwards on forced passages above the sea, through hanging forests and in a wild and suggestive environment,. Soon you will reach an arduous crest where you can choose between a climb uphill on a grey plate or an abseil of about 10m below (this second option is preferable). You gain yet another hanging forest, cutting across the ledge through a path, then along a small climb overlooking the sea (III) with the help of the trunks. Then you will reach a very characteristic stone arch, overlooking the valley of Bacu Padente. From the arch you take a ledge exposed across to the left to descend along some trunks, positioned by the shepherds. (It is not easy with a heavy backpack, possibly set up an abseil anchor system to avoid the passage). Climb up the scree that faces the arch on the north side, meeting a wide path that bends left towards Ololbitzi (possibility of escape). Instead, we look for a narrow – again northwards -passage between grey-reddish walls (piles of rocks and faded blue marks). Through a quick climb (IV, protectable), these walls will allow you to reach a hillock on furrowed fields. You must follow the piles of rocks and the few blue signs, crossing diagonally on the furrowed fields. You will reach a mule track of charcoal burners in ruins. Follow it to the north until it reaches a peak on a rocky amphitheatre, spotting a detour a few metres before, still on furrowed fields. This detour will lead you climb up in altitude and reach a second mule track – this time wider and more comfortable. Follow it as far as a rocky valley (Irove Piddi) that climbs for a few metres among the junipers, then leave it on the right for a good mule track. On this track you will soon reach the Coile Piddi. The best place to make camp is beyond the hut, in a large and extraordinarily scenec charcoal kiln, overlooking the sea.

Starting point

Portu Mudaloru

Target point

Coile Piddi


Public transportation

Public bus service to Cala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese or Baunei


Through the fourth leg of the Selvaggio Blu, or by dinghy up to Portu Mudaloru. Alternatively, hike along the Bacu Mudaloru.

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