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Pontesu, Talache´

Baronia Barbagia di Bitti e Tepilora
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Informationen zur Tour Pontesu, Talache´

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    320 m
  • Altitude
    320 m
  • Max. height
    780 m
A spectacular ridge, a mysterious forest.


From the Jannas pass, take the dirt road to the left, keeping the highest of the two dirt roads at the next junction. You climb quickly, in a continuous crescendo of views and breadth of horizon, along two wide hairpin bends until the road leads in a south-south-easterly direction, always keeping the dirt road and literally opening up the view of the entire southern Baronia, the Supramonte and the distant Gennargentu. It is a magnificent place and the easy walk along the dirt road leaves more time for contemplation and allows you to fully enjoy the long ridge that you are facing, leaving on the right a forest lookout, always slightly and constantly climbing. In the locality of Abba Vritta, near some pastoral tools used occasionally and only in Summer, the road is ruined and becomes a stony path that you follow always keeping the direction and going up slightly. You constantly gain altitude and the panorama benefits even more, now allowing you to discover the Montalbo, on the right, whose ridges are exactly parallel to the one you are going through: there is no other place to contemplate them so closely and in their entirety. Continue to climb up to the top of the hill: on the right, an isolated tree in a rocky and barren ridge marks the Punta Su Grabellu, while on the left there is the spring of Tanarghé. Opposite, a chaos of blocks almost suggests the shape of an enchanted building and probably gave birth to the toponym of Su Palathu de Pontesu, the Palace of Pontesu. You should keep between this and the Su Grabellu point, on a thin path that crosses a swampy area full of rushes. The contrast between the green of the grass, the blue of the sky and the granite rocks is extraordinary and suggests multiple photographic views. You then reach the ruins of Cuile Pontesu, consisting of some stone enclosures and those of a hut, with a beautiful view of the distant Gennargentu, the Supramonte and the mountains of Nuoro and Orune. From the hut, which you reach slightly downhill, turn right, neglecting deviations to the left that would soon lead to gain the dirt road of Ianna Neulotha, going instead to take the western portion of the ridge just traveled, then remaining on the opposite side of Punta Su Grabellu identifying an easy mule track that cuts the ridges in a north-northeastern direction. The path thus taken bends slightly to the right until it reaches a rocky outcrop, surrounded by low heather bushes and dry ferula sticks. From here you can easily return to the ridge you have just traveled and from there to the car, concluding a tour of great scenic impact and easy to complete, but here we have chosen to extend the excursion adding a bit of bite. From the ridge in which you find yourself, descend then steeply down the slope below, pointing to a ford on a stream highlighted by two isolated alders. You pass the ford pointing to a clearing below (altitude about 560mt), where you bend decisively to the north, and individuating the difficult to find path with the aid of  the GPS track: it is a labile track that pierces a wall of heather, almost impossible to overcome if you do not find the right passage. You cross a ford, going up into the scrub of heather and then diving under a first grove. You earned a small path that follows more or less the ridge at high altitude, exiting this grove and then reentering into a thicker one, that of Talaché. Now the path has become a mule track for charcoal burners, like others that cut through the forest at various altitudes. Care must be taken to keep the right path, which is always rather free of vegetation and cuts across the slopes with little variation in slope, until you get near a water basin. Climbing up on the opposite side, you will reach the Talaché house: this place is an intersection of the forest and the mountain. Near the old sheepfold there are several pastoral structures and a spring, useful in case the water supplies were exhausted. From the settlement, take an obvious dirt road in a northerly direction, remaining on the right at the next crossroads and avoiding to descend in the following detours. We climb slightly into a beautiful holm oak forest, perhaps too ruined by the incessant rummaging of wild boars that thrive in these now abandoned woods. In short, the dirt road taken allows you to reach the pass of Jannas and the car there parked.

Starting point


Target point

Pontesu, Talache´.


Dirt road widening at the Jannas pass.

Public transportation

Bus for Irgoli.


From the town centre of Irgoli follow the signs for the site of Ianna 'e Pruna, there are also signs indicating Sa Conca Isteddata. By asphalt road (12 km) you arrive at the pass of Jannas, recognisable by the beautiful view towards Siniscola and a tourist sign that indicates the nearby sites of Ianna 'e Pruna and the trek of Sa Conca Isteddata. Here you can park next to the road, not far from a high-voltage pylon.


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