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Poltu Casu

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Informationen zur Tour Poltu Casu

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:15 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    60 m
  • Altitude
    60 m
  • Max. height
    63 m
Along the cliffs to a secret coast


A simple path along the relicts of the past wars and through the fascinating nature; perfectly suited for a nice alternative to the days on the beach. From the parking lot, from which you also start the tour to the Punta Ruia, you follow the path along the gravelled road on the right side. A long straight path runs next to the narrow and rarely visited bays of the Cala de Gregale e Poltu Abe and you reach the end of the road and thereby the cliffs via this path. The path continues to the right and runs close to the cliffs. Through the junipers and the shrubbery you cross many open spaces, created by the swimmers over the years in order to find some shade to relax. After having left most of the junipers behind you turn slightly to the left to the cliffs, continuing the hike via large stone slabs. Being exposed to the seaside, these offer great views over the golf of Olbia. On the cliffs to the left side you can easily spot some evidence of the First World War. During those times, this part of the coast of Capo Ceraso was used for the training of the royal fleet. Especially the Regia Nave Officina Vulcano and its crew visited this place often and they left a lot of evidence in form of small badges. Those are scattered all around and with some luck you can find one. By entering the junipers again you can circuit the very edge, reaching the cliffs once again. Here you can spot the largest bay of the area: Polte Casu. By climbing a small dry wall you can reach the beach easily, being one of the most beautiful ones of the Capo. You cross the beach and at its eastern end you encounter the rests of a round construction. This is an old chalk furnace, probably the place where the chalk stones of the near Tavolara were burned and then shipped in the protected Poltu Casu. The stones of the furnace look like glass thanks to the extreme heats necessary to burn them. Only little above you will encounter the path you then follow to cross the next bay, located nearby. You can spot it on the right and through the trees. You can also spot the nth tunnel through the shrubbery via which you come to the cliffs of Sa Toa, located directly in front of the island of Sos Tulcos and s’Aldi ‘e Sos Tulcos, known as islands of Portulucas. Here you normally can enter the forest again to explore the rocky area around the cliffs but the path is blocked off. You can thus continue via the coast and the red cliffs, enjoying the contrasts to the azure and cyan sea. Shortly later you will reach the beach of Poltu ‘e sa Paza close to the end of this tour. Here you can go back to the car easily by following the gravelled roads behind the beaches. It is recommended though to continue the hike by visiting the viewing platform of Capo Ceraso. If you happen to be in no shortage of time you can also walk on to the Punta Ruia.

Starting point

Via Punta Ruia

Target point

Poltu Casu


Gravelled open space

Public transportation

Bus to Murta Maria


From the large roundabout in the centre of Murta Maria you follow the signs to Capo Ceraso and then continue east with the resort Li Cuncheddi to your left. You follow the via Funtana Umbrina over the next junctions and turn into the via Punta Ruia. You reach the gravelled open space where you park your car.


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