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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Pavia. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful hikes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful hikes in Pavia

Hiking trail · Italy
Garlasco to Pavia
recommended route Difficulty moderate
26.4 km
7:15 h
28 m
47 m
Rice paddies, and the Ticino River, before arriving in Pavia via the Ponte Coperto. 
Hiking trail · Italy
Pavia to Santa Cristina
recommended route Difficulty moderate
27.9 km
7:00 h
44 m
46 m
Walk from Pavia to Santa Cristina, from here you will transfer to your hotel just outside Miradolo di Terme. If you would like to walk all the way instead, please see tracks from Santa Cristina to Miradolo di Terme. 
Hiking trail · Italy
Vercelli to Robbio Train Station
recommended route Difficulty moderate
21 km
5:45 h
16 m
34 m
Follow the way through woodland, villages and by the River Sesia to Robbio, then take a train (15 minutes, payable locally) to Mortara for your overnight stay.
Nicorvo town
Hiking trail · Italy
Robbio to Mortara
recommended route Difficulty easy
14.3 km
4:15 h
6 m
14 m
Please note that this walk is not part of the standard itinerary.  If you have booked a second night in Mortara to walk from Robbio to Mortara, then please follow these tracks. Otherwise, please follow the tracks for your walk from Mortara to Garlasco. 
The official way near Santa Cristina
Hiking trail · Italy
Santa Cristina to Miradolo di Terme
recommended route Difficulty easy
6.8 km
2:00 h
37 m
5 m
Please note that this walk is not part of the standard itinerary. If you would like to walk from Santa Cristina to your hotel just outside Miradolo di Terme instead of getting transferred here, and you haven't informed us at the time of booking, please contact our local partner so they can let our transport partner know. 
Hiking trail · Italy
Mortara to Garlasco
recommended route Difficulty easy
23.6 km
6:00 h
6 m
18 m
Countryside of the Pavese Plain.
Hiking trail · Italy
Escursione il 2 novembre 2022, 08:40
recommended route Difficulty moderate
14.5 km
3:39 h
0 m
9 m
Roggia Crotta - Roggia Verzella - Agogna - Roggia Regola - Roggia Cacciesca - Roggia Molinetta - Nicorvo - Santuario Madonna del Patrocinio - Chiesa di San Terenziano - Madonna del Campo - Santuario Madonna del Campo - Piazza Guglielmo Marconi - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II - Santa Croce - Piazza Carlo Alberto - Piazza Martiri della Libertà - Basilica di San Lorenzo
Hiking trail · Italy
Via Francisca del Lucomagno: Morimondo - Bereguardo
recommended route Difficulty easy
13.9 km
3:06 h
5 m
14 m
Il cammino si sviluppa tutto sul naviglio di Bereguardo tra campi coltivati e cascine
San Salvatore
Hiking trail · Lugano Region
Duisburg-Rom Etappe 09 Lamone/Lugano-Mailand-Pavia/Vaccarizza
recommended route Difficulty moderate
171.3 km
69:23 h
2,349 m
2,607 m
9-Tagestour von Lamone-Cadempino über San Salvatore / Monte San Giorgio / Mailand nach Pavia/Vaccarizza Tag 1: ca. 11 km / 3 Std.Lamone Cadempino -> Lugano-Gandria Tag 2: ca. 14 km / 5 Std.Lugano-Paradiso -> Morcote Tag 3: ca. 13,5 km / 6 Std.Morcote/Brusino -> Mendrisio Tag 4: ca. 20 km / 6,5 hMendrisio -> Como süd Tag 5: 25 km / 6,4 Std.Como -> Limbiate Tag 6: 25 km / 7 Std. Limbiate -> Mailand Tag 7: 17 km / 4 Std.Mailand -> Binasco Tag 8: 27 km / 7 Std. Binasco -> Vaccarizza Tag 9: 12 km / 3 Std. Vaccarizza -> Barbianello
Hiking trail · Italy
Lambrinia to Piacenza
recommended route Difficulty easy
27.8 km
7:00 h
28 m
24 m
This morning you have 2 options: 1) you can walk straight from your hotel in Miradolo di Terme to Piacenza (the longer option) - please see tracks from Miradolo di Terme to Piacenza instead if this is what you would like to do.  2) take a short transfer to Lambrinia (20 minutes) to continue your walk to Piacenza. If you would like to do so, and you haven't already made us aware - please contact our local partner and follow these tracks. Miradolo di Terme to Piacenza: 34km/21miLambrinia to Piacenza: 24km/15mi Please note that the total distance includes a ferry (remove 4km for the total walking distance). 
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