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Over the Cima Valdritta

Alto Garda
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Informationen zur Tour Over the Cima Valdritta

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    380 m
  • Altitude
    1550 m
  • Max. height
    2123 m
It is more than just a summit, the Monte Baldo, a giant mountain, nearly 30 km long and over 2,200 m high. From the western end of the Lake Garda it appears as a closed front, only some cirque pans and trenches can be seen, not more than furrows in its potent flank. It rises directly from the shores onto alpine heights. This makes the “hortus italiae” so unique, a biotope with European importance. On the slopes on the sides of the lake you can find all sorts of vegetation, from the beautiful park-flora near the shores, via the evergreen holly oaks to the alpine meadows and detritus. Olive trees grow along the path and while climbing you will find sweet chestnuts, downy oaks and hop hornbeams. A little below you will find the dictamnus (dictamnus albus). On the dry underground you will find many blooming orchids during the springtime. The beech dominates the forest, also spruces and firs can be found. Above those trees you will finds a belt of mugo pines. And the meadows! Because of them, the Monte Baldo has a reputation a “Botanic Garden”, attracting flower lovers from all over the world. The panorama is also famous, a unique view of the inner Alps, thousand summits, from the Monte Viso to the Dolomites.


The summit-hike starts downhill: at the mountain station of the big ropeway of the Monte Baldo you descend into the wide depression of the Bocca Tratto Spino (Tredes Pin, 1,720 m). Then you either go slightly left, following a gravelled path, or you continue straight along a swathe and on the rocky path to the lift-station (1,836 m). Not very pleasant for the eye to start with. Behind the modern and functional building you will enter the conservation area “Lastoni Salva Pezzi” on the western flank of the mountain. The path follows the crest, passes a ground of stone-men, initially over meadows and the between the mountain pines. Again you can enjoy the deep views through the rocky high cirques, made by the ice of the glaciers and onto the Lake Garda. On the Cima delle Pozzette (2,132 m) you can enjoy your first 360°-view. Not to miss: the wind gap on the crest in the back – approximately hundred “lost” metres in height. With exciting views into the depth and the wild valley Val d’Angual you continue on the rocky ridge. The next summit on the Monte-Baldo-Crest is the Cima dei Longino (2,176 m), but the path goes around it on ups and downs and rocky parts with many roots. Behind it you will find the next wall-like canyon, the Val Finestra. The Cima Valdritta (2,218 m) is now already very close. A harmless step in the stone (chains) eases the entry in its eastern flank and after that you can continue evenly until you reach the junction for the path onto the summit. It was built in the First World War and was partly blown into the rocks. The path goes on in zig-zag and reaches the highest point of the Monte Baldo, where views of the depth and the far allow a beautiful panorama. Back on the crest-path you can now reach the big well of the Bocca di Valdritta (2,107 m). Now you can start the long descent on the western flank of the mountain. With zig-zag you continue downwards into the rock-encircled cauldron of the Val Dritta (chamois!) and a path – shortly uphill – leads to the hill of a meadow over the canyon of the valley. The place is called “La Guardiola” and offers a beautiful view of the Lake. After a long slope you cross the next ditch. Steeply downhill you will shortly arrive at another viewing point: La Guardia (1,523 m). The path then leads into the forest and the view become more and more difficult, but the shadows are pleasant. In a rocky pan you will even find fresh water (La Fontatna). At the Col di Piombi the path becomes an uneven road and over a couple of loops you will reach the middle-station of the cable car of the Monte Baldo (561 m). Here ends the long ascension through almost all of the vegetation on the big mountain.

Starting point

Mountain station of the Monte Baldo cable car (1,752 m)

Target point

Mountain station of the Monte Baldo cable car (1,752 m)


Public transportation


A22 (exit Rovereto sud – Lago di Garda Nord) – Via Torbole to Malcèsine. In the village you go to the valley station of the Monte Baldo cable car (well indicated). The mountain station is on the Monte-Baldo-Crest (1,752 m). 

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