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Mount Ghiveri

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Informationen zur Tour Mount Ghiveri

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    590 m
  • Altitude
    590 m
  • Max. height
    601 m
On top of an extremely panoramic peak on the border between Supramonte and Baronia


From the village of Cala Gonone you can reach the Gustui district on Via Marco Polo or Via Codula 'e Gustui, on a steep climb. Leaving the last houses, you arrive at a paved road that goes up in the direction of Mount Ghirveri, directly above the tourist town from the north. Go past the detour to the panoramic road of Margheddie, and continue on the paved uphill road until you reach the pass of Bucca 'e Irghiriai. Here the road changes slope with a beautiful view, crossing a stretch dug into the mountain. Immediately after the pass, on the right, take a dirt road for a few metres, keeping an eye on the right side of the walls above. There you will find an uphill passage, marked by a ceramic plate. You take it, crossing the ridge line with a beautiful view of the Gulf and Cala Gonone, and following a clear path that gradually rises on bare slopes full of radiant junipers. The slope falls down near the large plateau below the peak of Ghirveri, now visible to the north. Keep to the left side of the plateau, on a path that cuts the junipers, up to the large hut of Cuile Ziu Tattanu, recently restored by a group of afecionados. Leave the hut on the left, on the path marked with large piles of rocks. Start climbing into an ever wider area through wide furrowed fields, until you reach the summit of Monte Ghirveri – characterised by a heap of stones placed on top. (This is the highest of a series of small crags placed along the ridge line). From the top, the view sweeps over most of the coastal Supramonte throughout the Barony and Montalbo, in a scenario of great beauty. Continue along the ring on increasingly faded trail tracks leading north, roughly along the ridge line. Then turn abruptly to the right towards the sea just before a third relief – altitude 510m, where the junction is difficult to locate. Go down through difficult and uncomfortable rocky fields and furrowed fields, always following the piles of rocks and trail tracks going down hastily. You will be near a yellowish cave where you can find the ruins of a goats enclosure of Cuile Sa Tintura, and then – a little lower – the hut. From here turn right (to the left you go to Cala Cartoe), following a short, gradually descending path up to the dirt road of Margheddie at the point where it ends. Follow it in a southerly direction and in its entirety, until it once again meets the paved road you travelled on on the outward journey. In a few steps you will reach Cala Gonone again.

Starting point

Cala Gonone

Target point

Cala Gonone


Cala Gonone, preferably near the port

Public transportation

Bus service to Cala Gonone


The small port of Cala Gonone is easily reachable by following the tourist indications scattered in the hamlet.

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